Super Full Worm Moon

Tonight the moon becomes full at 9:43 pm Eastern time. Please visit the link at the bottom of this post to watch this live on the Virtual Telescope Project.

This moon is known as a super moon and is at it’s closest point to earth; appearing 10% bigger. It is also known as the Worm Moon, which occurs annually in March and marks the softening of the ground, a time when the earthworms come out and the robins go a hunting.

In magical circles the full moon represents an illumination of that which is hidden. Strong emotions may arise as we come face to face with our strongest fears, our deepest darkest issues. It is a good time to perform some ritual of releasing as now the moon begins to wane. So, take out your journal and ask yourself, “what no longer serves me?” and “what can I let go of at this time?” As the moon is in Libra, this may be a particularly good time to examine your relationships. Are you still holding photographs and mementos of an old lover? Would it feel good to burn them or put them in the shredder?

This moon enters the sign of Libra just after the sun enters the sign of Aries. What does this mean? Think of Aries, the sign of individuality coming into opposition with Libra; the sign of relationships. How do you find balance between the needs of self and other?

This is also the first day of Spring, a time when the day and night are of equal length; followed by 6 months when the days are longer than the nights. The flowers are bursting forth and birdsong is in the air. Reflect on what seeds may be sprouting in you. Where are you starting to see results?

Finally, the happy, beneficial planets of Jupiter and Venus are now in a nice harmonious relationship, raining down blessings of love and abundance upon us all. At this time, it is wise to have gratitude and ask “how can I give back?”

Full Moon Livestream