I want to be seen on Twitter.

This weeks blog focuses on my research into the social media site Twitter and how to standout from the 310 million monthly active users. This is a follow on from the workshop last week that introduced me to the depth or twitter.

Some people thrive to be noticed on social media to either escape reality, promote themselves, become closer with their social circle or if you’re Justin Bieber then to interact with your followers ( more followers than Spain has people). According to the ‘28 facts about twitter’ found through google, 350,000 tweets are sent every minute. So how can your tweet stand out? According to my research the power is in the way you present yourself and your frequent use of hashtags.

During the workshop my group researched into the Taxonomies and Folksonomies of twitter. We used the search engine Google to hunt down the reliable web pages to then pin onto our Pinterest accounts.

Twitter research and pinned websites on Pinterest

After individually reading through the websites and realising how huge twitter has become in the past 10 years we concluded that the Taxonomy of twitter refers to trends, top tweets, photos and hashtags. This allows the content to be categorised and specific for individuals. Folkesonomy on the other hand is down to the user, it’s the changing hashtags and evolving news, fads and interests of users that creates what is searched. I didn’t realise how marketers take the power of twitter very seriously, you can use tools such as Buffer where you can schedule your tweets throughout the day rather than frequent bursts which limits the users you reach out to. So after using the internet we found the key. “Nobody wants to follow a boring tweeter” The main advise I have is to have a profile photo and a personalised Bio-sell yourself!

I will now use these points on my twitter account createnelly that I've evolved through my research.

  1. Be bold/ honest but not insulting
  2. Don’t share everything
  3. Write Blogs- you can’t always express yourself through 140 characters
  4. Pictures
  5. Ask questions
  6. Interact with other users (guarantee yourself retweets)

I hope to see you pop up on my home page soon.