It seems a lifetime ago I travelled 251.1 miles to Leeds but it’s only been 17 days. I am now a full time student, part time raver. Who knew I could become so independent?

My bedroom stripped, the car packed up and emotions high. “Have fun Soph but study hard, make friends but study hard, drink responsibly but study hard”. No promises Mum but I for sure have had fun, made friends and partied the last seventeen days away with some of the worst hangovers to show for it, I just can’t resist the £2.50 doubles. Triple the price in Portsmouth. I can confirm Leeds in a good night out plus rounding it off at the 24 hour McDonalds, this helps sober you up ( at least that is my excuse for a burger).

The lifestyle aside, I’ve gained a stone, broken the bank and realised I am out my depth in higher education, so yes Mum I'm going to have to study hard. After a year of travelling and living in Tanzania for 10 weeks I have faced the fact the holiday is over and I will only get out of the nine grand a year course what I put into it. Already I’ve doubted myself and my ability. I am my biggest critic, but aren’t we all?

I am a long way from home, this hits me at times and unfortunately will continue. So to recharge my batteries I am going home this weekend! I’m excited to see my parents and my cats. I have requested a roast on my return, ready meal dinners aren't quite the same.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. I strongly believe in deciding to try, you accomplish goals. I will get a degree in Media and Marketing, learn how to cook a Korma and adjust to the Yorkshire weather. I’ve had the most exciting 17 days and I'm sure the next 17 days will teach me just as much in the mean time study hard Soph.

A roof top bar in the centre of Leeds. Beautiful views, very sophisticated but incredibly pricey for a fresher.