Medium has been a big part of my life since being at Uni, each week a task is set in the online platform workshop, a blog to be written on a different topic on Medium. I can honestly say I enjoy writing blogs and the platform is so simple to use and over the weeks I have discovered more features that make my blogs that bit more exciting. For example my first blog ‘17 days and counting’ lacked attributes but did have good content!

Over the past weeks I have not only maintained “ an enjoyable read” but have included most of the features Medium offers for a blog to reach it’s full potential on the internet.

My Blog last week was a review on the Leeds Christmas Market. I tagged links to relevant websites, added a licence which tells people they can not reuse my images, I used hashtags and tweeted the link to my blog. I was unable to do this in my first week but quickly picked it up!

Linking to a website
Licence and Hashtags on Medium

I highly recommend Medium and creating a title on Canva, it’s great fun! This isn’t the last of me Medium, this blogger will be back!

No copying!