Why we ignore the rights of children.

Is pity killing our kids?

We must stop promoting children as:



Objects of pity.

Charities intentionally create the pathetic identity of abandoned children by painting them as objects of pity. But aren’t charities supposed to representing the best interest for these children?

What if we gave the microphone at the United Nations General Assembly over to an orphaned Syrian child would she ask for a handout?

Syrian girls, recently orphaned. 2014

Would she ask for pity?

Would she ask everyone to donate $100 to Children International?

Or would she ask for her family?

Would she ask for a home?

Would she ask to return to her school and friends?

The issue is not lack of funding. UN Chancellor Gordon Brown (UNGASS 2002):

“When we have in our hands the means to enable every child to be fed, the sophisticated medical know-how to cure many of their diseases, the means to abolish their poverty, when we well know the liberating power of education…how can we fail to act?”

The issue is clear for the 293 million orphaned and abandoned children of the world (unicef, unesco). They simply hold inferior human rights. The charity model of help is outdated. These children deserve more than help.

The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child is the single most ratified treay in UN history. 194 coutnries agree to uphold these principles:

But the promises made by the UN and governments are not being fulfilled.

Children must be aware of their rights in order to have a political voice. Our cities and streets must be outfitted with child-centered programs.

Charities and governing bodies must stop representing children as mini-people with mini-rights. They are full citizens with full rights. And they deserve respect and programs that suits their rights.

Children in the Armando Rosenberg Home, Haiti. (Orphanage and school)

They have the right to home life and a family.

The right to education that is delicate and personalized to meet their unique needs.

They require specialized and caring programs for rehabilitation and development.

Children are resilient. They are fighters. Their nature is growth. They yearn for development. They continually seek knowledge.

We do not need to control their needs. Rather we must create our socities and programs to meet their needs. And let children do what they do best. Grow.


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