2017 — New Year, New Personal Number!

What if, at the beginning of each year, you got a hand-delivered message that said: Here is your mission for this year. Here is what to expect and here is the best way to get through it in the most natural way for YOU.

Nice huh?

Guess what? The Universe does exactly that for us. There are energetic roadmaps that shows our natural patterns for the year.

Got goals? Why not use your natural energetic patterns to help you get to those goals?

I say hell yeah!!

Here we are, about to start a new year. So, why not be better prepared?


When you’re working towards a particular goal, knowing what innate energies will be present in your life and what “cycles” you are in is very beneficial.

Your personal ‘numbers’ ( via Numerology) and the main cards of your current forecast reveal these energies.

Why not know and use the energies that will be present in your life to help you achieve your goals?

Before I talk about how to use this information, let me clarify:

The Cards in your forecast goes from your birthday to your next birthday. Your Personal Year number goes from the start of a new year, to the next new year.

Every one of us will have a new Personal year number once we are in 2017. As an example, my birthday is in July, so while I am still in the forecast (through the cards) until my next birthday in July, my personal year number will change on Jan 1st — thus having an influence on my forecast.

This sounds more confusing than it really is. :)

These logistics get easy to recall once you are tuned into knowing your personal cycles and current energies at play.

The point is in knowing how to benefit from them.

Being aware of the cycles is the first step in benefiting from it. This helps you to understand why the things that are happening are happening. It takes you out of any confusion or feelings of being a victim, or as some feel, that they’ve been cursed or did something bad. What an awful way to go through your days!

When you understand the energy of the cycle you’re in, you can take advantage of it to help you with your goal. As well, if you know the cycle of your spouse, kids or others you are close with, it helps with understanding where they are as well.

This is the beauty of knowing and understanding the tools we’ve been given. This information is what I call our ‘soul stats.’

We go through 9 year “cycles.” We begin anew in our personal 1 year, and each year’s energy after that helps us to move through that cycle towards the dreams and future we set at the beginning.

I ‘ve been in a personal 2 year in 2016. My Long Range card (the main energy for my year) is a 2♠ and my Pluto card is also a 2♠. A LOT has been going on for me regarding partnerships and doing things with others as well as cooperation and compromises. Those 2 cards went along with my 2 Personal year number beautifully.

But now for 2017, my Personal Year number will be a 3, yet those 2 cards are still in play.

What does that mean for me?

A 3 year is more active, more creative. I’m taking what I gained from the partnerships, compromises and cooperation situations and will use it to outwardly express myself in more social situations. A 3 year can be very social, very creative and it should be more fun! But ONLY if I’ve fully owned and embraced my truth and what is in my heart. It is like we have the 2 year to find our truth because of our more intimate relationships — in a 3 year, we can feel confident to go out and BE our truth!

What tends to happen — without us even realizing it — is that what is going on in our life will “fit” the cycle we’re in.

The experiences, people and your energy will fit the cycle you’re in.

What can happen if you don’t know the natural energy you’re in?

Things can feel as if you’re getting nowhere, or the same things keep happening over and over and they aren’t what you want happening.

If you’re in a 9 year and trying to launch a new business, things will seem stuck, clogged or as if you’re losing. You might face more losses than launches.

If you’re in a 7 year and you’re trying to network, socialize and expand your business, you might find yourself sick a lot or things happen that keep you out of the social situations you think you should be in because this energy is about time alone in reflection.

Yes, you can still proceed in your usual way without knowing. We have free will at all times to do what we want! But the natural energy or flow that allows us to live with ease might be one that conflicts with your plans.

Think of it like this: You decide you want to go to the lake. You put on your swimsuit, pack your sunscreen and head out there. But, it is December and there is a Lake Effect snow advisory. Snow showers are in the forecast and 3 to 6 inches are expected.

You could ignore the forecast and go. You might enjoy yourself…you could struggle through it. But, why go do something that is unpleasant or contradictory to the situation if you could instead, do something that goes with the situation? Maybe on that cold snowy day, you could build a fire and read a good book.

While that example might be very simple, the fact remains that when we go with the flow of the natural energies at play, things are easier, smoother and we actually get MORE accomplished! There is a reason for the cycles we have in nature and while our society puts non-stop ACTION on a pedestal, we must have time to ponder, time to sow ideas, time to clear clutter, time to hibernate and time to work with others.

And as always happens, your Forecast cards fit so beautifully in even when your personal number changes. It adds this little twist to make your situation uniquely YOURS and to allow for your journey to go in the direction your soul is wanting you to go.

Why not be aware of this and use it to your benefit?!?

I know what is going on and what I need to do, and because I know….I understand how to plan.

I can plan accordingly and not get distressed when others say, this is what you should be doing.

As well, the Universal number is going to change. 2016 has been a universal 9 year — a year of endings, completions and a wrap-up.

2017 will be a universal 1 year — a year for new beginnings, new ideas and new projects. If you can view what is going on around you globally and realize things have been breaking down so NEW can be built, you’ll go through the year with a clearer understanding.

Add YOUR new personal number to that universal 1 energy to see HOW YOU will be helping with the NEW stuff being built!

It (WE) all works together to create this life we decided to be a part of at THIS time!

This is why knowing reduces anxiety and stress!

How friggin’ awesome is it to be clear on what is going on?!

I love working with a clients ‘soul stats’ — which is the information in their astrological chart, their numbers and their cards — so they can clearly know and plan for the things they truly desire!

Since every single one of us is going to have a NEW Personal Year Number for 2017, I’ve created a free cheat sheet you can download that shows you:

  • How to calculate what your personal year number will be for 2017
  • What key energy that number will give your year
  • How to use it to help achieve your goals for 2017

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Originally published at Create The Leap.