August Power Posts: Portals & Eclipses #2 — Why is Enjoying Life Key to Living Intuitively and Authentically?

August Power Posts: Portals & Eclipses #2

In the first post of this series, I shared about the upcoming Lionsgate Portal and Solar eclipse helping us move forward into a new paradigm. A big part of the transition will be in learning to live more authentically, with more joy (enjoying being human!) and by listening to our own inner wisdom. I talked about how our cards can assist us in this process of authenticity and establishing a dialogue with our intuition.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this series (and why the ‘theme’ of this Lionsgate made me so giddy) is that for some time now, our focus here at Create the Leap, the messages from our guides, our intuition and the wisdom from many astrolgers and teachers has been this:

While it may seem that leaping into a new paradigm and evolving should have us becoming even more woo-woo and being more off into the ethers, forgetting our bodies and this world, it is the opposite. We are learning to connect MORE to our bodies and Gaia — but in a different way. NO MORE separation or feelings of being alone, hating or detaching from our bodies and ignoring Gaia (or even thinking we have to save her!) NO more feelings that we must decay, struggle and use the traditional masculine ways of achieving our goals. We will learn to use our own inner guidance.

We are realizing our beautiful connection with ALL, that we can truly LIVE as humans expressing the Divine, enjoying life, tapped into our innate wisdom. We at Create the Leap like to call it living as superheroes!

This is post #2 in my series on using your Birth Card/ Life Spread in Cardology to help you:

  • Start or deepen a relationship with YOUR divine/wise Self and making communication with that a natural part of your life. (We don’t need outside people on a pedestal telling us how to live or be!)
  • Living authentically and ENJOYING your life! BE and DO YOU, as the full potential you came to be.
  • Be open and willing to CHANGE.

How Does Your Intuition Speak?

Let’s start with talking about your intuitive communication style.

By tapping into and understanding how your inner guidance speaks to you, you become empowered. It is how we are going from the Age of the intellect to the Age of OM, which is heart-centered and about our connection to ALL, while still maintaining our individuality and the unique essence we came to BE.

In my next post, I’ll give you a tutorial on how to find and work with your Birth card and your Venus card to begin practicing tuning into your unique communication style with your higher self. The more you understand and work with it, the more it becomes a natural part of your day, your life and who you are.

In this post, I want to share with you some basic information to help you get ready for the upcoming tutorial.

Your intuitive style is connected to your authentic essence and your attraction style, or knowing what you love, enjoy and need to feel happiness.

When we are open to and actively engaged in what brings us pleasure, we raise our vibrations and awaken our magnetism. We are more aligned with who we are authentically, which makes it much easier for us to communicate (to hear and receive) the guidance our divine self has for us.

Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact. ~William James

Connect to Pleasure, Connect to Your Higher Self

Take a moment and think about how you feel and react to doing something you don’t like or enjoy. You just shut down, right? You withdraw, don’t feel like you, or dig in your heels and refuse.

Using myself as an example, I don’t enjoy being out in the woods for days on end doing hardcore camping/survivalist type things. I need to feel clean and comfortable. While I do enjoy nature and being out in nature, many hours of earthy activities don’t make me uber happy. In those activities, I feel tired, less than enthused and out of sorts. When we feel anything besides content, satisfied, happy, excited or bliss — we aren’t in alignment with our authentic self.

However, I love water activities and can happily spend days on a boat, swimming, at a lake or beach. Baths, teaching swimming, water therapy, and pool time makes me happy, makes me feel at home and content. This is when I am aligned to who I am authentically and it raises my vibrations naturally.


In a broader sense, think about when you are feeling high anxiety or stress. Maybe this is even a daily part of your life. For some, it seems it is just how life is, or that when you finally achieve your goals (position at work, kids raised, income level or education degrees acquired) you will feel better. The thing is, feeling this way the majority of the time is an indication that you aren’t aligned with your authentic self. Why? Because we are innately beings of ease, joy and satisfaction.

There are many outside forces that create our pressure-cooker, anxious, depressed, life-is-a-bitch-then-you-die way of being. We’ve been allowing those outside forces to run our lives. Feeling like this isn’t our natural way of being. Yes, contrast and chaos can help us discern the areas we want to be different and propel us into changing things, but as an on-going daily way of living? No. (This is why things are feeling like they’re coming to a head, a tipping point and we are screaming for something to give…for a change!)

But, back to how you feel when you are off or not living with happiness and contentment. At those times, you are living in a lower vibration and non-authentically.

This isn’t about being a perfectionist, or pretending all is good — it is genuinely feeling and knowing all is good.

This inauthenticity has occurred because we have been living the separation of our spirit (our divinity/omniscience) from our bodies, seeing the Divine as an untouchable force outside of ourselves that judges and punishes.

When we are living, relaxing and allowing the fullness of who we are authentically in our physical form, knowing we are unlimited beings IN our suit of skin called being human, we are connected to our wise self and accessing our intuition.

Photo by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash
Photo by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash

This is the concept behind understanding how doing and BEING what brings you pleasure aligns you to YOU and makes it easier to understand how you naturally communicate with your wise self/omniscience.

Living via your intuition/wise self and fully enjoying your life as a human, being authentically YOU is all connected to and a part of our leap into this new paradigm. We are leaving the reality of the intellect and outside authorities (Phase 2) and a feeling of separation and disconnect from our bodies and Gaia to a reality of integrating the physical and spiritual, connection to ALL and a heart-centered lifestyle.

REFLECT: My Pleasures and Authenticity

Cardology is a tool to assist you on many levels. It helps you better understand who you are at your essence as well as personality traits. It helps you see YOU at a higher, soul level and it reveals those things, people, places and experiences that bring you genuine joy and let you rise to a higher vibration of living.

Before the next post with the tutorial, ask yourself these questions:

→ When are you the most happiest?

→ What excites you the most in your life?

→ What areas of your life do you want to bring more fun into?

→ When is the last time you really had fun in your life?

→ Do you know what your ‘intuitive style’ is?

→ Do you believe life is worth living?

Stay tuned for the next post which will be the tutorial on using your cards! You can subscribe to our blog to be sure it comes right to your inbox…just sign up in the box in the sidebar!

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Prep for the Tutorial!

For the upcoming tutorial, you’ll need to know your Birth Card, your Birth Card Spread, and your astrological Venus sign. You can use this free natal chart service to find out what your Venus sign is here.

In the next post, I’ll share the tutorial so you can explore further.

See you then!



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