How to Use Cardology to Leap Through the Lionsgate and Into the New Paradigm!

Have you been tuning into all the buzz about the Great American Solar Eclipse?

I feel it is going to propel us into the next phase of this leap into the new paradigm. I can feel things building, can you?

Besides the powerful energy that this solar eclipse gives us, we also have what is called The Lionsgate Portal. This happens each year, but this year, it is combined with the solar eclipse and I wanted to address its special message for 2017 because its message is the same as what we are being told for the Age of OM.

The Lionsgate

First, here is a snippet of info about the Lionsgate Portal:

This portal is created every year when the Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky. The dates for this occurring is from July 26 to August 12. However, on August 8th it is at its most powerful.

Why is the alignment of Earth, the Sun and Sirius so significant?

Sirius is a star that is bigger and brighter than our own sun. It is called the sun of the Sun and is known as the Spiritual Sun (sometimes seen as the Higher Self in astrological charts). When our Sun and Sirius come together, energies intensify and Earth receives higher light/energy/vibrations from this celestial body.

This occurs during the sign of Leo. Leo is the Lion, which is why this is called the Lionsgate.

This extra dose of powerful higher vibration energy is there to help us open and awaken to increased spiritual knowledge, new insights, higher awareness and will help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Let’s look at the numerology of the date of August 8, 2017. August is an 8 month and it is on the 8th day.

8–8–2017 equals 26/8. The number 8 is about power, authority, infinity and divine connection. So, we have this increased and expanded dose of energy on a POWER house day!

August 8th is a 5 of diamonds day. How is this significant?


The 5 of diamonds is about changing our values. We can’t expand or gain new awareness by staying the same. We have to leap forward, be different and we must change. The five of diamonds represents evolution from feeling secure in our little boxes to a place of being adventurous in order to branch out, gather new experiences and BE new. We desire things to be different and that energy goes out and creates change all around us.

What is an eclipse’s message? CHANGE is a-comin’…get yourself ready!

What is the card for the day on August 21st — the day of the Eclipse? It is a 5 of Clubs. Another card about changes; changing our ideas, beliefs and plans. Folks, things will NOT be the same after all of this!

What a perfect time to focus on what we desire to be different!


I have a thing for doors. I even had a Pinterest board that was about beautiful doors. I also love the idea of portals. As a writer of the paranormal and fantasy, portals played a big part in my stories.

Lately, this word has come up in a lot of conversations with friends. In the Shamanic Journeying Circle I attend, we did a journey as a group to open a portal to br


oadcast love.

The Lionsgate acts as a portal AND the upcoming solar eclipse does too! It opens a door for us to have access to higher realms. We can send out our desires and we can receive higher knowledge and energy.

How exciting is that???!!

One of the Messages of the Lionsgate of 2017

Understand who you are as a human and fully ENJOY and BE that.

If you have a traditional religious background, you might be carrying around a lot of shame or guilt about simply being human. We’ve been taught that we are full of sin, our bodies are evil or that all the stuff here on Earth matters not, that we should only focus on heaven.


The thing is, we are divine beings that wanted to and needed to come here and BE HUMAN, because being human is pretty friggin awesome and we learn a LOT by being human. Why come here just to try to be rid of our humanness?

So, how do we grow spiritually by embracing our humanness?

By living to our fullest potential.

Just as the Sun gives to all of life by being what it is, we each give to all of life by fully being who we are. Why is this so hard for us?

Because we have been caught up in a time when we are told by outside authorities who we are, how to be, what to believe in and it’s all wrapped up in an illusionary bow colored with fear.

The shift, the Age of OM, whatever you wish to call it, is about going back to our own innate inner wisdom that we have because we are divine, in a human body (verses “We are measly humans trying to understand the divine, seeing him as a God outside of us. We mostly fail at connecting with this God. (This is very Phase 2 thinking.)

Too many lifetimes of seeking outside ourselves for knowledge, guidance and validation has created the beliefs that we need a certain education, certain knowledge, and that we need the gurus to tell us because we don’t know.

That time is ending and our new reality is realizing that we DO know! The best thing for us to know? Who we are, what we love and what we came to explore, experience and BE!

By exploring, living fully and being authentically who we came to be, we not only enhance our lives, we enhance the lives of all.

Tapping into Your Intuition

In the following installments for this series, I’m going to be covering how understanding your cards (using the tool of Cardology) can help you to better tap into and understand what you innately enjoy, and how to tune into your own inner guidance.

This step is a big part of this transition that the Lionsgate and eclipses are helping us with.

I hear from people all the time that they don’t know how their intuition speaks to them, or they think that if their friend actually hears words, they should too. The thing is, we each have our own style and like anything else, if we’ve never worked with it, it takes practice.

Your Birth card and Life Spread have many clues to help you understand your style, allowing you to start practicing and working with it.

In the next installment of this series, I’ll explain more about how living authentically, and enjoying life actually keeps you in alignment and connected to your wise Self and inner guidance.

In my third post, I’ll give you a tutorial on how to find and work with your Birth card and your Venus card to begin the practice of tuning into your unique communication style with your higher self. The more you understand and work with it, the more it becomes a natural part of your day, your life and who you are.

It will also reveal what innately brings you pleasure. It might sound non-spiritual to think that it’s important (at a pivotal time such as this???) to be concerned with understanding what brings you pleasure, but it really is key to creating the leap into the new reality that is unfolding before our eyes!

To recap:

The celestial events that are at hand and VERY significant are creating opportunities for humankind to evolve. (I talk more about this in the next post!)

What key things can assist you in this transformation?

  • Starting or deepening a relationship with YOUR divine/wise Self and making communication with that a natural part of your life. (We don’t need outside people on a pedestal telling us how to live or be!)
  • Living authentically and ENJOYING your life! BE and DO YOU, as the full potential you came to be.
  • Be open and willing to CHANGE.

And the last post in this series will be a BONUS post about seeing your Astrological sun sign in a new way for this transformation.

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Until the next time and with big love,


Originally published at Create The Leap.