My Birth Card Says I Should Be Successful, How Come I’m Not?

Ashley J. Long
Jan 7, 2019 · 4 min read

Many Birth cards (and their life path) are deemed as very successful, very powerful, can achieve anything…

Yet, I’ve witnessed it over and over while doing readings. The person sitting across from me is one of those cards and when I tell them how fortunate their birth card is, they look at me with disdain. But, I’m NOT successful!

I experienced the same thing being a six of clubs. When I first read about my card and how successful it can be, I thought, what?!?! My life has been nothing but heartache and poverty!!

As I studied my Life Path cards, I began to see where and why I was not succeeding and what was getting in my way — then I worked at changing those issues!

There are many factors that create the life we are experiencing. We can be a Leo and hate being in the spotlight or be a Pisces and not like being near water even though those might be known as typical for those two signs.

As with Astrology and Numerology, there are two sides to every card — a low side and a high side.

We can be living the low side and missing out on all the positive gifts that card (and it’s path) has for us.

Here are 3 reasons why you might have a positive birth card, but are not yet experiencing that success!

  1. When you first learn that you have a birth card, you only know about that one card. That card might be a powerful card (such as an 8, 10 or Court card), but the cards of the Life path (the 12 cards that are to the left of your birth card) tell the whole story. As I shared in my post about the 10 of diamonds (known as the Most Blessed card), the cards of the 10 of diamonds Life Path aren’t all easy cards. One has to utilize and work through the issues of those cards in it’s Life Path that aren’t easy in order to experience the success or power of that birth card.

2. Your Life Path might have a difficult number of years, then finish with the more successful, powerful cards. Each card in your path represents a time frame- a number of years- and speaks to the energy of those years. One might have a difficult childhood, then enter years of ease and success. For many, those years of hardship set up the rest of their lives because they never move past the pain, failures or hardships and believe that is all their life will be.

I’m reminded of the celebrity Bobby Bones. He is a 6 of spades/ 8 of diamonds. He had a very rough childhood of poverty, but never stopped dreaming of being a radio host and using that to escape the extreme poverty. The 6 of spades path has a Queen of hearts as their Mercury card that speaks to their early childhood of a heavy influence from a female (he was raised by his mom and grandmother) with possible addiction issues (his mom was an addict).

It can be a childhood of extreme addiction, fears/phobias and/or constant escapism into a fantasy world that one really never comes out of (on the low side). Bobby did escape, but many 6 of spades let those early issues rule their entire lives, even though the 6 of spades has a very successful life path as their middle years are spent with the cards of the Crown line!

3. Where does your birth card sit in the Solar Spread? You might have a powerful/successful birth card, but the combined energies of where it sits in the Solar spread speaks to how that card can be powerful OR get stuck. As with the 10 of diamonds, which sits at Jupiter and Jupiter (Jupiter is the most benevolent planet and is why it is called the Most Blessed card), an abundance of Jupiter can lead to gluttony, over extension, ignoring negative realities, pretense and being pompous.

The King of Spades — the most successful card in the deck — sits at Saturn and the Sun (or Crown line). Those planets have a combination of restrictions/responsibility (Saturn) and Identity/ego (Sun). It is either an energy of hard-working, responsible, disciplined with a strong sense of purpose OR an exaggerated feeling of failure, having to be responsible for everyone 24/7 and that life is nothing BUT hard work, struggles and barriers.

Grab my FREE worksheet to see what Planet rules your Birth card and how that speaks to your innate strengths. (If you’re already a Cardology Library Member, this is waiting for you in the Library!)

Each of us (and each card) has a duality — that low side we can be, or the high side we can be. We can discover where our strengths are and tap into that. We can see where our weaknesses can be so we can see if that is why we feel stuck or as if we aren’t the powerful, successful person we want to be.

In the same sense that a person born into wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness or success, a successful/powerful card isn’t a guarantee of an easy-peasy, powerful, abundant life. Each card has its gifts, potentials, and difficulties to overcome, but in the overcoming of those difficulties, a more powerful, stronger and expanded Self is created.

To me, that is empowerment.

To take what you are given and choose to not play the victim. Instead, grow, overcome and be victorious as the Divine being that you are!

Originally published at Empowered Cardology.

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