Ten of Diamonds — The Most Blessed Card

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The Ten of Diamonds is called The Most Blessed Card…but just how blessed is blessed and what exactly does that mean? What is it like to BE the most blessed?

I think about this card a lot because it was my mom’s birth card. I also know several other 10 of diamonds. When I look at their lives, I don’t really see a life that is super blessed. My mom’s wasn’t a pleasant journey, for sure. She died when she was 45 and the years leading up to her death were spent alone, in a chair, paralyzed and unable to talk.

So, let’s dig in and take a look at this card, shall we?

The reason it is called The Most Blessed card is because it sits in the very center of the Solar Spread at Jupiter and Jupiter.

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I call Jupiter Santa Claus because it is the benevolent, prosperous, happy, expansive and BIG planet. Jupiter teaches us that life is good, to have faith and is the lifter of spirits.

Ten cards are, at their core, all about success…and mean, “lots of…” Lots of love and creativity (hearts) lots of ideas and knowledge (clubs), lots of financial rewards (diamonds) and lots of work and wisdom (spades).

Tens also represent the Ace going from the self to the Divine. It’s a masculine energy.
Here is where being a 10 of diamonds can actually be a difficult path for some — the abundance of masculine energy.

The Life spread of the 10 of diamonds has:
Moon — 10♥
Mercury — 8♠
Venus — A♥
Mars — A♦
Jupiter — Q♦
Saturn — 5♥
Uranus — 3♣
Neptune — 3♠
Pluto — 9♥

There are two 10’s and two Aces in the Life Spread. Aces and Tens are masculine and this life path has a lot of masculine energy.

And how about Jupiter? A few facts: Not only is it the biggest planet, it reigns over four moons the size of Mercury way out there in it’s own domain, radiating a massive amount of energy. Jupiter isn’t a warring energy like Mars, it is radiating out in a big way, sending the energy of faith; faith that life is worth living and is good.

Let’s go back to Santa Claus and the metaphor of delivering gifts — leaving them in secret, to be discovered…and accepted. That’s Jupiter. Sending out gifts, leaving them on our doorstep — but, we have to open the door and receive them.
Masculine energy isn’t known for receiving- that is feminine.

Faith is also about receiving. The faith that Jupiter wants to give us isn’t the religious kind. It’s not about faith that God exists or living in blind faith the way most religions demand. It’s the natural faith in the existence of good, of happiness, of joy, of abundance. That as divine beings living a human experience, we, at our core, are meant to live with good, happiness, joy and abundance.

The diamonds suit doesn’t only represent money or finances, but the world (reality) we are building based on what we value. If we value loyalty, we build (create) a reality of loyalty.
The ten of diamonds is success at building lots of (what we value), but to do that, we have to believe in that success; to have faith that it is possible. We have to be open to receive the gifts, the good, the happiness, the joy and the abundance that the Universe wants to deliver to us.

So, it seems like a contradiction, right? To have a card that is so masculine need to be open to receiving (feminine).

That is the life path of the ten of diamonds person. To learn to be more open, to receiving, to seeing life as good and worthwhile. To use all that masculine energy to radiate out (like Jupiter) joy and expansiveness.

Is it that easy? NO.

Looking back at the cards in the spread of the ten of diamonds, we see a lot of uneven numbers, which indicates a not-so-easy life.
The only even numbered card is the 8 of spades. While that card is one of will-power and can indicate power in material accomplishment, the low-side is to be overly focused on material accomplishment and to use that power as abuse. Being in the Mercury position, it can indicate having a parent or childhood where someone was materialistic or made work the focus, or was abusive/controlling.
The eight is also a masculine energy and more akin to a warring energy.

A five as a Saturn card creates challenges because fives are an unstable, restless and sometimes chaotic energy.
They have two 3 cards — the cards of a lot of creative energy that can overwhelm and cause one to always seek variety or be stuck, unable to make a decision or stick to any one thing.
A 9 in pluto speaks to issues of loss and needing to transform with endings.
Sounds awful, right? How can a difficult spread be the path of the most blessed card?

It seems contradictory until we look at what the 10 of diamonds person came to do and BE (and teach all of us) about HOW we can achieve the blessings the Universe has for us.

If they are living the low side of their life spread, there are issues of power, restlessness, selfishness and issues with their love life.

I don’t know a lot about my mom, because she never shared her feelings. She was gregarious and everyone loved her (she was an Aquarius). She did have a lot of masculine energy, being into the outdoors, horses (she was a barrel racer) and breeding/raising/showing collies.
She wasn’t motherly, nurturing or a homemaker and wanted to be a veterinarian, but sadly was told as a woman she couldn’t do that.

As an Aquarius and with the 5 of hearts in Saturn, she needed personal freedom and that was taken away from her by my father.

The saving grace and ‘balancing’ energies for the 10 of diamonds is the three Queens in their life spread. They have the Queen of diamonds as their Jupiter card. This card shows where their blessings will come from. The Q of diamonds knows how to make money, but she uses it to be of service to her community. (Another feminine aspect)

The Karma cards of the 10 of diamonds are: First Karma card — Queen of Clubs. This card shows what they need to learn and achieve in this life, which is to trust and use their intuition. This means they have to be open to receiving those psychic messages.

Their second Karma card is the Queen of Spades. This is a gift from a past life and it indicated a life of self-mastery via inner wisdom and tapping into that feminine aspect.

This speaks to the 10 of diamonds person needing to balance all that masculine energy and being open to receive.

All of the life paths represented by each card have their low side, regardless of how easy or successful the life path is meant to be.
I know mine felt very unsuccessful until I learned to live the high (and beneficial ) aspects of being a 6♣.

While masculine energy is important and necessary to keep us moving forward and expanding (Jupiter wants us to reach out, seek and expand!) we can’t ignore the importance of the feminine — to being open to receiving, to going inward to master our reality, not in selfishness, but to tap into our heart/divine wisdom to create the successful life we desire.

The 10 of Diamonds life path beautifully represents how we need to balance the masculine and feminine. We need to assert and reach out, to expand and BE all we want to be. We also need to be open to receiving the bounty the Universe CAN and WANTS to supply us.

The 10 cards reflect the Universe ( each card does) and they reveal that the Universe is “Lots of…”, and chooses success. The 10 of diamonds represents the lots of joy and goodness that life really is comprised of, but when we act in a selfish, overly-independent, prideful, controlling way, forego our creativity and only focus on material gains and not our inner self-mastery, life can feel joyless, difficult and lonely.

I can’t speak to why my mom and my father chose to be together in this life. He was her Uranus and Neptune card and was a big part in her experiencing abuse, control/power issues and he stood in the way of others caring for/giving to her. I wish I could peek behind the curtain and understand why she lived such a short life that was unhappy, but knowing more about the 10 of diamonds life path helps me see that she was here to learn to receive, to experience how to balance the masculine and feminine, to nurture and be nurtured.

The Ten of Diamonds is most blessed because it represents all the potential, prosperity, and success that we as humans can achieve — but we have to understand that it isn’t gained by closing ourselves off or aggressively forcing it. A balance of masculine & feminine is needed as well as the faith that it is all possible!

Do you know any 10 of diamonds? What has their life been like?

When you have the 10 0f diamonds in your forecast (or spread) ask what is holding you back from your blessings — is it that you don’t believe it can happen or are you trying to force it all by yourself?

Originally published at Empowered Cardology.

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