Using Your Yearly Forecast Long Range Cards to Achieve Your Goals

Ashley J. Long
Sep 4, 2018 · 4 min read

A big part of Cardology is the Yearly Forecast. Besides having a Birth and Ruling card, you have a new spread of cards each year on your birthday, called a Yearly Forecast.

I love the term Forecast because, just alike a weather forecast, it reveals the energies (literally) at play for your year- setting the mood, the potentials, the pitfalls, the opportunities and the gifts you will have going on. And, just like with the weather, you can ignore the forecast and put on a tank top and shorts on a icy day and go freeze your patootie off — or, you can dress in your soft lounge clothes, plan a day by the fire and get some much needed R&R. YOU CHOOSE! 😉

But, isn’t it great to know?!?

It makes planning so much easier!

Here we are in September. I think of this month as the planning month. It’s the start of Fall and we can feel the shift in the weather, the mood and of course with school starting back up, we have new backpacks, notebook, pens and books and that has me all giddy (even though I don’t have young kids at home anymore!)

In this post, I want to cover one of the cards we each have in our yearly forecast — our Long Range card.

What does it tell us? How can we use it to plan?

Your Forecast Long Range card speaks to the main energy throughout your year.

(In a Forecast, a “year” is one birthday to the next. It begins on your birthday and goes until your next birthday, so anytime I refer to your year, that is what I am referring to.)

This card influences the events, people and thoughts/feelings you’ll encounter, so it is a big part of the plan towards whatever goals you have.

It’s like being given a weather forecast for your year -like looking in the Farmer’s Almanac and seeing what the upcoming winter will be.

The Long Range card is neither good nor bad — but a resource to use as you see how it fits in with your challenges and opportunities

Even when it is a card that might be seen as “hard” (such as a 9 card), because it is a Long Range card, its place as the main theme for your year keeps it as a neutral energy that you can work with to enhance and understand your year.

Remember that all of us experience and are (in some way, at some point) EVERY card in the deck. Therefore, when you have certain cards in play in your forecast, it is highlighting the part of you that IS that card. It is putting the spotlight on that energy within you in the area of its position in the Forecast.

The Long Range card presents you with a theme for your year.

Seeing your Long Range card as the all encompassing umbrella for your year — affecting each period and the other cards in prominent positions — adds knowledge for you to use in your planning.

Will the theme of your year be active or still?

Will it be creative, mental or spiritual?

Will it be focused on your health, relationships or money?

As an example, if your main goal is to increase the profit of your business and your Long Range card is the Queen of Hearts (the card of the Mother, romance and sex) then how can that help you?

If you are a Mother, your motherly duties might take a front seat therefore changing how you go about your goal.

Or, you might encounter a relationship that brings romance into your life, making you realize that even though you were focused on making money, you were also desiring intimacy and your priorities changed.

Or, the Queen of Hearts showed you that while working to make more money, you need to take the time for personal TLC and to nurture yourself.

Keeping your Long Range card in the forefront of your mind each day and seeing how your events and thoughts/feelings relate to it and your goal act as a big help.

The cards in your forecast aren’t some random draw by a human — they are the patterns, cycles and blueprints of the path you chose to walk in this life. The big, higher YOU set up a matrix of energy so you could play out the purpose of your life at this time. It all fits together.

Your cards won’t be unmatched with your goals, rather they can shed light on the best approach to your goals because of WHO YOU ARE and what you chose to have going on at this time in your life.

Want to work with your Long Range cards? Get my FREE Guide!

Originally published at Empowered Cardology.

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