What Does The Two of Hearts Reveal About Our Relationships and Connection to the Divine?

What are our relationships for?

Peaceful and loving unions, balanced and harmonious relationships, or power struggles, manipulation and pain…when it comes to affairs of the heart, we deal with both sides of the coin.

This past New Moon was in Libra giving us an opportunity to look at our relationships — why are they and what are they?

Jupiter is now in Libra (conjuct the New Moon) which helps us out with this — expanding the opportunity

The card for this post is the 2 of hearts. How appropriate that I drew it on this New Moon in Libra.

What can this card share with us about matters of the heart and relationships?


The basic meaning of the 2 of hearts card is: being with the one(s) you love. I also seeing it as time spent doing what you love. It is those people and experiences that bring us closer to understanding who we are and how we are divine.

Without relationships, we can’t fully understand ourselves or life. As painful as they can be and as much as we sometimes think, “being alone is much easier,” we just aren’t made to be 100% alone.

I’m not saying everyone has to have a romantic partner — I’m talking about relationships in general. You have them with your kids, pets, neighbors, hobbies, food, money, work, friends….we have relationships with everything around us.

We either don’t care about some things, or we care deeply.

In my last post, I talked about soul contracts and how the relationship between the cards can help us understand the relationships between ourselves and another. Our soul contracts are our relationships with other people. Some are temporary, some lifelong, some very close and harmonious, some very painful — but each of them help us to evolve.

If we allow that to be the case…

What are you searching for in your relationships?


The answer to this question can help you understand what you are wanting to know or heal within yourself.

(is it support, compassion, understanding, fun, companionship, love…etc.)

The answer changes as we change.

The relationships we have change as we change — they change as we need and require certain contracts and experiences to reveal our areas of growth, healing and transformation.

The 2 of Hearts card sits at the intersection of Venus and Neptune.

It’s easy to see why it would be there with Venus — she is all about relationships, love, attraction, beauty and harmony. But, why Neptune and what does that add?

Neptune is about knowing who we really are — that we are divine and that we are so much more than just our physical bodies and ego.

Neptune speaks to the development of the awareness of our divinity.

We need relationships to have that development.

A 2 of Hearts person (they have the 2 of hearts as their birth or ruling card) are the Lovers of the deck. They need others, it is what they seek in life, though they can get lost in the concept of love or have such high ideals about the perfect relationship that they feel constantly disappointed. But, they teach us all about the need for relationships.

If you have the 2 of Hearts in your birth card spread, whatever planet it is, will have you seeking relationships within the context of what that planet represents.

Jupiter recently went into the sign of Libra. With it there, you can check to see what house Jupiter is in in your natal chart.

You can find that out here with the Transit chart. The House Jupiter is in is where you might find yourself dealing with relationships. These relationships can benefit you, help you grow and bring you joy, and harmony.

If you have the 2 of Hearts in your forecast this year or it comes up as a card you draw, it is an opportunity to ask yourself:

  1. What brings you joy in relationships?
  2. What is the connection between your spirituality and your relationships?
  3. What do you really want in your relationships?
  4. Within the context of the planet the 2 of hearts is in — what is your relationship to its theme?

-Mercury — communication, ideas, thoughts

- Venus — love, friends, family, beauty, art, pleasure

- Mars — passion, motivation, will power

- Jupiter — faith in the goodness of life, prosperity, money

- Saturn — responsibility, work, challenges, discipline

- Uranus — the groups you’re associated with, your individuality

- Neptune — your spirituality, your illusions about life, your dreams and wishes

Relationships are more than romance, crushes, friendships, family or partners. They are a mirror for us and they also provide us with experiences of the divine. We need them to be better, enjoy life more and understand ourselves!

Originally published at Create The Leap.