The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Here’s the Proof.
Rex Sorgatz

I enjoyed both images (they really made a very special tone to your words… maybe you might think what this story would have been with your iPhone photos), and of course, the tone and how deep it affected you through the journey. Some times it´s like you´ve been there digging for a younger you, and I perceive your surprise on some of the foundings. (Really a very interesting way of telling your feelings and evoke on the reader a similar sensation, by reading some reader´s answers below).
Readed from top to bottom, I must congratulate both writer and photographer (even if you haven´t get to know each other well through that journey). Please excuse some grammar faults, english is my second language, the one that let me enjoy these stories (because medium don´t translate everything to Spanish).

Regards from Mendoza, Argentina (a much bigger town than Napoleon, but that somehow resembles in a way or two some parts of your story).

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