Mobile Application Testing Using Appium


Appium is an open source tool which supports both Android and IOS .Appium supports cross platform tool for native, Hybrid and Mobile web Apps and supports automation test on physical devices like emulator and simulator.,Appium doesn’t depend on the OS of the mobile because it has own framework that translates the command on device not OS .In Appium we no need to recompile your app or change it for automation purpose. In Appium we shouldn’t be locked in any language to write and execute your tests.

Appium drives its root from selenium using JSON protocol internally which interact with Android and IOS.Appium starts testing the device and listen the commands from the main server.Appium has proven it scalability in both native and mobile testing as that apps were built by developers are similar in both Android and IOS platform. As we are using the cross platform the script will be similar for app/game as they run identical. Appium supports all the languages like selenium that have java libraries,C,JavaScript,PHP,ruby,C# etc. so they can write theirs tests using their own technology or language.

How to start with Appium?

Appium is similar to selenium, if you are familiar with selenium then the Appium is easy for you.You can use your selenium test scripts work as they also with Appium setup. Configuring an application run on appium is very similar to selenium.

Appium On IOS devices

To test Appium on real devices we should have the following

1. For Apple devices: We should have Apple developer ID and valid Developer Account configuration Certificate

2. For IPhone/Ipad: This should be set up in X code./

3. Source code to build

Appium on Android Devices

For testing in Android devices there is nothing more to do. As we do on emulators in the same way we have to do. But we should make sure that our device is connected to ADB and has developer mode enabled. For testing chrome we should be confirming that correct version of the chrome is installed. And while testing we should disable the verify apps setting or uncheck it otherwise it will prevent some of appium apps to work.

How to check the performance ?

After everything is done the developers should concentrate on the performance of the webpage. Because the performance changes from device to device .Because the mobile browsers how strong they are they want to add some uniqueness in their app. So it will lead for performance of the app. So whatever we do we have to be careful in testing .By Building your test scripts in Appium/Selenium you will get to know how well does your web stuff work on those devices.

Selenium has already set its standard in web automation testing and now the appium is providing very high level API that can easily taken by Selenium developers.Appium is very helpful as it has its own framework and can be used for android and IOS automation. If the person knows Selenium then it will very easily to learn Appium as it is an advance level for automation.The scripts will be very easy.

Jobs for Appium

As from this you know what Appium is and how it works. Now you all will have a question that what are the chances of getting job in Appium.So I can say answer for this. Right now everything is on mobile. So as the appium is a framework for Mobile testing. Now many companies are looking for Appium developers for the Mobile development Projects. The people who are working in mobile testing or in Android if they learn Appium then it will be an added advantage for them. Many Companies will offer jobs for them.

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