The Secret To Guilt-Free Skiving

By Glenn Fisher, Editor at Creating Wealth

It’s sounds like something from George Orwell’s 1984…

“Structure allows freedom.”

But it’s true. The more structure you have in your day, the more free time you’ll have. And the less guilt you’ll have too.


Yeah, come on — admit it. I know you’ve heard that little voice… or you’ve felt that sinking feeling that you’ve just squandered a load of time on nothing.

It might be that you’ve binge-watched an entire series on Netflix… or you’ve spent half your work day browsing ASOS for some new shoes… or you’ve been lost all evening in YouTube going from video to video until you’re weirdly watching Woody Allen fight a kangaroo (that actually exists by the way).

Fact is, we all waste time. And we all feel guilty about it, eventually.

So why do we do it?

It’s distraction. Procrastination. An escape. I get it. I really do. But you’re doing it wrong. It might feel like free time, but it’s not. You’re just cheating yourself. Because if you feel guilty about your free time, then it’s not really free time.

When I binge watch House of Cards… or layout on my couch all day reading a crappy book … or watch strange videos of Woody Allen… I do it totally. I commit to it 100% and I DON’T FEEL GUILTY.

You see, instead of skiving off and trying to ‘steal’ some free time — I structure my days in such a way that I actively GIVE MYSELF free time. I don’t need to skive. I work 100% and then I relax 100%.

Trust me, it’s a better way to work. Hell, it’s a better way to live.

And I explain more about this idea in this week’s podcast, which I’ve just finished recording and you can listen to here:

Episode 3 — The One About Managing Your Time And Working Like P.G. Wodehouse

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