Think you’re past it? Think again…

By Michelle Roberts, Deputy Editor, Creating Wealth

Harland Sanders’ life can best be described as varied.
He moved around several states in the US, before settling in Kentucky, and held pretty much every job going:
He was a farmer, a steamboat operator, a fireman…
He was a cleaner, a blacksmith’s assistant and was in the army for a short spell…
He also tried his hand at being an insurance salesman, a secretary and even a lawyer.
But he couldn’t stick at any of these — mainly because he kept getting sacked.
(He lost his job as a lawyer after fighting with his colleague and was sacked from his job as an insurance salesman for insubordination).
He also tried being an entrepreneur, by setting up both his own law firm and his own business manufacturing lamps.
Both ventures failed miserably — his law firm went kaput after he got in to a brawl with his own client and no one wanted to buy the lamps he made.
It wasn’t until he was in his forties that things started to look up for Harland…
In 1930 he was offered the role as manager of a small service station. To make extra money on the side of selling petrol, Sanders began cooking and selling meals to weary travellers from his own kitchen (his house was next to the station).
It soon became clear that Harland had found his calling, as his cooking soon became very popular, with both those passing through and locals.
So much so that he was able to open up a real café across the street from the station. It was here that Harland began cooking chicken — fried chicken to be exact.
It was this chicken that would transform Harland’s life forever…
It became so famous in the state of Kentucky — where he was based — that the state governor commissioned Harland as a Colonel.
But it wasn’t until 1952 — at the age of 62 — that Harland’s wealth really grew.
While local success was good, the now Colonel Harland Sanders wanted more and decided that it was now or never to make his name. 
He closed the restaurant and began turning his business, which he named Kentucky Fried Chicken, in to a franchise.
By 1964 (aged 74) he’d built up over 600 franchise outlets across the USA — all paying him a slice of the profits they were making selling his chicken. 
It was at this point that he sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company for $2 million (the equivalent of $15.5 million today).
Not only did he finally achieve financial wealth at the age of 74, Colonel Sanders had created a brand that he would be synonymous with forever.
He is still the face of the brand and his legacy will live on for as long as people still love eating his original recipe.

It’s never too late for a second chance

One thing that really stands out about Colonel Sanders isn’t the fact that he was of a more mature age when he found success…
 It’s that he never gave up believing that one day he would achieve something.
 He kept plugging away and trying new things in order to find the idea that could bring him success and make him happy.
And when he did find the idea that worked for him — cooking and selling fried chicken…
He had such faith in himself and determination to succeed that he went for it. Even though he was at an age when many people would be thinking of retiring.
He didn’t for one second think that he was past it, or too old to change his life — he just went out and gave it a go.
And so can you — whether you are 22, 42 or 62 like the Colonel. 
I’m sure you sometimes worry that time is passing you by all too quickly…
And that you haven’t achieved the level of success (and the freedom that brings) you wanted to achieve.
But did you know that, right now, you are showing the same fighting spirit that Colonel Sanders showed.
After all, you’re here aren’t you? You’re a member of Creating Wealth.
You haven’t given up looking for that one special idea or set of ideas that could bring you success, have you?
As the Colonel’s story demonstrates, if you don’t give up, you can eventually get there.
It’s never too late and you are never too old.

Age ain’t nothing but a number.

It brings to mind an email I received some time ago from Richard, who wrote in to ask me:
“How, as a 75 year old pensioner with little savings, can I make a good regular income?” 
Even at 75, Richard hadn’t given up the search to find something. He didn’t complain about his life or say, “I’m too old to do this or that” — he was simply open to any ideas I could give him and happy to give them a try.
Mark this in contrast to the 47-year-old who’d written in to our Wealth Builders Club founder Mark Ford (Glenn showed you Mark’s response to him earlier this week), complaining that he couldn’t become wealth because he was too old and had no savings to invest in anything.
Ask Mark Ford said in that response, no matter how old you are: “Don’t assume that all is lost”.
The lesson you can learn from Colonel Sanders is that you shouldn’t give up looking for an opportunity that will enable you to build real wealth and change your life for the better.
It’s out there, and we here at Creating Wealth will help you find it.


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