Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

Great writeup! We need more voices from people aren’t living in political extremes.

The most important question is “what is best for the child long-term”. This is much more than a simple binary yes/no on abortion as the political extremes seem to focus on.

Obviously men and women shouldn’t get pregnant unless they are willing and able to raise that child together for life. If we all followed that advice, there would be very few unwanted pregnancies and single mothers.

But in this messy world, we all make mistakes and should have compassion on others others who do the same.

As you mentioned in the article, adoption is a third option to abortion/no-abortion and in many cases is the best chance for the child to have a good life. (Many women considering abortion are unable to raise the child properly.)

Also there are cases where giving birth would endanger the mother’s life or she got pregnant through incest and/or rape. In these cases, having an abortion is sometimes the right thing to do.

But I agree, the idea that “a mother should be punished for her sinful actions and forced to raise the child alone and without any help” is ridiculous. We should care more about what’s best for the child, not how to punish someone who made a mistake. We should help the mother turn her life around and be happy and successful. That will help the child have a good life.

Remember, we all make mistakes. We are all in this life together trying to do what’s best for the next generation.