APP Monetization and How to make money from Games

Gaming World is becoming huge day by day. Technology is improving, creative minds are the brain and innovation makes the progress. This is actually the reality of today’s gaming era where the craze of gaming is increasing day by day. The gaming market has become so huge that it generated $91 billion worldwide in 2016 where mobile gaming was the leader with 45% of the share. The smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Android and IOS being the dominating mobile OS worldwide, have made us glued to our mobile screen because of their innovative and delightful interface.

There are various reasons for it like decreasing manufacturing cost of devices, increasing demand in developing countries, rise in talented resources, innovative startups and lesser game development cost.

This inspired various business men and entrepreneurs of the world to enter the rising gaming industry and specially the game development companies of India have boosted. Game Development is not easy process it takes a lot of efforts, manpower and funds to successfully deliver a good game or an app. You can either create an app or outsource development from game development companies. After successfully creating an app, you submit and get approved to the app store like Android app store or IOS app store etc. This itself is a tiny victory.

After completion it’s the time to earn for the sweat.

But do you know how to monetize your app?

In today’s competitive world of game development, millions of the games that can be downloaded from app store are either free or so less priced that you don’t have to give a second thought to download these games. They can cost anywhere from $1 to $12.

So how to make money from it?

Here the concept of App Monetization comes into play. App monetization is a process of making money from a platform app without charging for the game itself. This is an interesting and believe me or not this is main way to earn money from the apps. We can learn a lot from game development companies especially from growing countries like India.

More than 300 million devices consisting of Google Android were shipped worldwide in 2016. Android devices accounts for about 88% of the global market and Apple IOS has 12 % share. The dominating OS force has a App store called Google Play. A whopping 98% Google Play’srevenue comes from free apps. Hard to believe right?

There are various methods used by game development companies to monetize the app. 8 effective ways of them is given below:

1. Email List

2. Advertisement

3. In-App Purchases

4. Premium Versions

5. Creating Source Code

6. Sponsors

7. SMS Marketing

8. Selling Customer Data

Selecting the right model will depend on various factors but in this article we will focus on Advertisements in App or simply Mobile Advertisements.

Mobile Advertisement Derives Big Revenue

It is one of the most popular and the most widely used app monetization ways amongst game development companies. Advertising through mobile apps has boosted the communication between advertisers and consumers. There are various types of mobile ad platforms available today and because of competitiveness the benefits are good. Let’s see the list of the platforms:

A. Notification Advertisement

B. Banner Advertisement

C. Interstitials

D. Surveys

E. Wall Advertisement

There are agencies or companies that run these adds on various apps for game development companies. These companies are often called Ad-Network and are responsible for connecting the advertisers and its targeted customers.

Let’s see the top 8 Ad-Network companies:

1. Ad Mob

Ad Mob is the best ad network companies in the industry. It has proven stats that shows why it should be the top choice. It was formed by Omar Hamoui but was acquired by Google in 2009. Its integration of SDK with various mobile platform is its biggest strength. It is packed with strong coding and the giant brand Google makes it a worthy player. Although the revenue could be a bit low. It is widely used by game development companies.

2. Chartboost

Chartboost is a big name in the industry.You can exchange traffic with other devices that integrated Chartboost in their games. Chartboost integrates analytics technology which gives it a big plus. It is available for Android and IOS platforms with supported ad formats like content lick, interstitial, Offer wall and videos. Its main market is USA and target audience is varied.

3. Unity Ads

Unity is giant and proven name in the industry. As we know that Unity is game engine but it has advertisement arm called Unity Ads which offers cost-per click video ads apart from other ad formats. It is available on Android and IOS platforms with supported ad formats like banner, interstitial and videos. Its market is global with major focus on USA.

4. In-Mobi

In-Mobi is different and impressive when compared to other competitors and it allows advertisers to reach more than a billion mobile user base. It creates a unique zone within apps where the users interact with it. It is widely available and targeted globally with major target in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. It’s a favorite platform for gaming development companies of India. It also serves to South Africa, now that’s a big thing. The ads create are result driven. It is available on Android, IOS and Mobile Web Aps.

5. App Lovin

App Lovin brings in one of the best things i.e. its ads do not hamper the user experience which is a major flaw in competitors. The company itself is a marketing automation company and so its background even makes it better. App Lovin is available on Android, IOS and Mobile Web Aps with custom ads and major target is USA.

6. Opera Media Works

Opera is brand known to all and does not need any introduction. The Opera Media Works makes the advertisers reach 1.5 billion users. It is available on Android, IOS and Mobile Web Aps with supported ads format like rich media banners and videos. Opera Media Works is globally targeted.

7. Fyber

The Fyber mobile ad network supports advertisers and app developers both. It is available on Android, IOS and Mobile Web Aps with supported ads format like rich media banners and videos. Fyber is globally targeted.

8. Mobile Core

Mobile Core is an upgraded and advanced ad campaign company. What makes is different from competitors is that it has unique ways to work and it supports the multiple add units. It is available on Android, IOS, Windows Cocos and Adobe Air with supported ads format like banners, wall, banners and videos. USA and Israel are its major targeted.

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