How to educate creative entrepreneurship in Visegrad cities?

Tomas Bata University

Education and training is the basis for future strategic development in such active sphere as creative industries. So the first meeting of the project “Visegrad Urban Creativity Clusters Network” will be held in Zlin Technical University in cooperation with Zlinsky Kreativni Klastr (Czech rep.) on April 26–28, 2017.

Meeting in Zlin will be held during Zlin Design Week, organized by Zlin Creative Cluster and Zlin Technical University. Zlin Creative Cluster is a voluntary association of organizations and individuals who are engaged in activities in the audiovisual field, design, architecture and advertising, or they have to these activities important interests in common. The objective of the cluster is to support for creative work in strengthening competitive advantages and image of Zlin region according to smart specialization in creative industries based on a long tradition of audiovisual arts, design, architecture and advertising in the Zlin Region.

In 2017 Zlin Creative Cluster will organize the third Zlin Design Week and it brings the newest designs and trends, production of companies and designers from the Czech Republic and from abroad. As organizers said that they were creating new concepts of exhibitions and installations so it could bring always something new and fresh. Central topic of Zlin Design Week 2017 is LIMITATIONS.

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