TrooRoom — Creative 3D Web’s Social Network.

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Jan 10, 2019 · 3 min read

TrooRoom is the highly anticipated Social Networking platform from Creative 3D Web (C3DW). TrooRoom is an avatar-driven 3D network which provides the user with a personalized 3D environment which they can fully customize.

Using the graphical UI scripting, users will be able to customize their entire environment via a control panel. The platform will launch with a choice of around 25 environments including a gallery, apartment, stadium, lounge. Users can then customize the layouts to their personal preference. To add to the sense of complete personalization, users can also choose the furniture in their TrooRoom, as well as the ambiance and music playing in the background.

Once users are happy with their customized TrooRoom, they will have the ability to share their room with other users by providing them with a private URL.

Using customized, humanlike avatars, users are able to explore the rooms and interact with other users and their rooms and avatars.

The importance of using Avatars

All users in the Virtual 3D Web space are represented using personalized Avatars. These are used to navigate and engage within the environment.

The Avatars are of the highest quality and are designed to be extremely lifelike and realistic. Users can choose their ethnicity and hair color, clothing style and accessories to reflect their own persona and style.

Additionally, the use of avatars provides a sense presence and identity, which makes for a more comfortable experience for the user. Avatars allow users to appear as though they are in the same environment, standing in close proximity to other users, who may be friends or family who are in reality on the other side of the globe.

Avatars are appealing to users who access social networks and want to interact with other people in a more visceral way. Avatars are sometimes an alter ego for people as well, helping them create a vessel to escape. With the rise of Social Media and the long lasting impact of digital footprints and sharing of personal data, Avatars are a great way to have yourself introduced to other people you interact with. Avatars also remove the need to disclose images of your face or true appearance, which may otherwise be shared on the internet without your knowledge.

What is Creative 3D Web?

Creative 3D Web offers a unique solution, the Virtual 3D Web Browser. This browser will allow users to initiate and create experiences through the use of an Avatar who explores the 3D Virtual Universe, interacting with other Avatars and engaging in web spaces, including in the near future spaces built by other participants. These web spaces are the equivalent of today’s websites. With developer tools and training, entirely new websites will be launched as 3D web spaces within the new environment to be used by businesses, service providers, and information resources. The platform mixes advanced game design technology within a public and private blockchain architecture and an advanced biometric authentication system.

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A Revolution is Underway -Creative 3D Web is building an innovative, secure and superior internet browser, alive with highly-engaging 3D rich content.

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