Dreams are strange but not as strange as this and will frighten you so you been warned

A sheen day with a steady breeze as, I could see the trees prancing by the rhythm of the winds. I see I'm located outside a home colony, with beautifying homes. I'm standing with a group of people, followed by a tourist guide probing and photographing. Everyone but I never took any pictures only observing as I went on.

Everyone just admiring every home encountered, but in my mind, all I could think was how nothing specials were about none of the abodes, nothing out of the ordinary.

At least, that's what I thought until we finally reached the last abode, leaving everyone so mesmerized including myself, I felt a strange vibe from it, and I said to myself, " There's something odd, but what? It looks absolutely normal, a two-story modern home, white color, like a simple dream home. I knew otherwise, and curiosity had me.

The tourist guide then had us enter the home, but before we do, she starts to explain to us on some things. I was very excited to enter but also nervous.

TOURIST GUIDE MALE: This is our last visit, and now we will have the great honor to explore everything inside, starts to smile.


Everyone mumbles between themselves, and the tourist guide stares at me and says, "well," you don't want me to spoil that for everyone now do we? Starts to chuckle and everyone starts to laugh away, as I stay silent and very puzzled.

TOURIST GUIDE MALE: Hahaha, now let’s not waste anymore time and continue on, shall we? Some in the group reply yes please..., Please follow me and please watch your step walking in as it is kind of dark. Thinking to myself, Why is it dark? It sounds already strange, hmm.....

Walking inside, darkness surrounds, dim of light shows but insufficient to see well.

"Unexpectedly, light brightens the room. "Real fire torches?! The interior wasn't a house but a medieval castle with big dark-gray bricks and long exquisite dark-red velvet curtains, the furniture very alluring to try describing the beauty of it.

Everyone else was amazed by what they witness. As pictures were taking, I kept telling myself is this real? Walking towards a torch had me realize I could feel the castles dark whispers and wondering what mystery it hides?


Gazed into the torches' fire, suddenly our guider gets everyone's attention and starts to prompt that for some crazy reason, we should explore in small groups.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I seemed to be the only one against that. I asked why? He said that way no one can easily get lost. It didn't seem to make sense, but I got crewed up with two guys and a girl.

As that was done, we begin each group going their own way. I was in front of my crew and stayed on same floor area and went towards a long hall where darkness is inevitable.

Recommencing exploration, I suddenly realized as turning behind me to see my crew, but I freaked out cause I wasn't with my group anymore. "I wondered, "where they go? Having no choice but to proceed, I just would hope I'd eventually find them.

"Continuing in the hall, I see on the wall a torch lighting down on a black spiral stairway path. I'm wondering where it goes to. I go carefully holding on to the handrail, without being too scared. The deeper I went down; the stronger echoing piercing cries were heard, heavily shivering me.

Once at bottom, I stay at the stairway, observing all I could. I told myself, "I'm in some sort of laboratory? Nothing seemed old or rusty looking. In fact, it didn't look like a castle type laboratory.

"What's a laboratory doing here to begin with?"

I felt I spoke too soon cause unexpectedly; I see a surgical table with a preteen boy looking asleep on it, with a plain white T-shirt and some dark-colored shorts.

I was now really confused and worried about the child. I wanted to go near the child, but before I could attempt to, ("Panting," as seeing a devil like creature going towards the child.) a tall, dark, nude, large spiky wings, horns, and long sharp black fingernails appears, terrified me completely but not releasing panic.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I stayed where I was at, watching everything. The demon just roughly rips the boys' shirt, making it look like a vest with now its bare chest open.

Then starts to raise its hideous hand over the boys chest, extending its index finger. With its long sharp fingernail, it carves a square shape on the boy's chest; blood now unveils.

Already in complete terror, not knowing what the hell that thing was doing, it's over the child's chest raising its hand in a spider form, punching and tearing with force inside the chest. The boy widens his eyes; it harshly pulls the heart out, and the boy instantly dies.

I sadly witness bleeding and beating of the poor innocent child's heart as the evil monster then squeezes and crushing it as blood gushes all over his hand, spilling on the floor, and blood flooding all around the boy.

Crying, in despair feeling helpless, asking God to please be merciful and not let these children be tortured In Satan’s favor.

"The nightmare wasn't over. It was just starting, what happens next really sickened me with disgust. I'm not sure where it came from but somehow a baby is in the laboratory as well and Horrifically, the demon lift's infant by the neck tightly.

Preparing other arm in punch mode, at full force to hit the infant's face, as it does very brutally, a ghostly source jumps out of baby before body hits flying against a wall. The body falls like if it was a wet rag dropping onto the floor.

Wailing in sadness, I calm a little as I see the little ghost and wondering what's going to happen. After ghost jumps out of the baby, The demon sees it and attempts to capture it but the ghost quickly hides. The demon gets tired of looking for it and falls napping in a sitting posture.

After ghost realizes it’s sleeping, it appears, I try getting its attention by whispering: "Come, I’ll help you escape. The ghost accepts my help and tries to come towards me; it moves something triggering a noise, I to myself said, Omg no, and surely the demon wakes up, REALIZING EVERYTHING, INCLUDING ME! I SCREAMED LOUD, RUN!!!


I'm lost in my own frantic emotions, with fear of dying, and the desperation of escaping. The Demon went apeshit, and it wasn't showing any mercy. Running unknowing where I was going, I find myself on the second floor in a long hallway with many rooms.

I keep running and opening door through door nonstop, seemed endlessly. Until, I finally enter a room, miraculously finding my crew, sitting and all staring at me. Girl says, hey, where have you been?

I said, "Block the door it's coming! A guy says, "what's coming? I said, a demon! They don't question me but act helpful and start looking around for something very useful.

Then strangely they are at window dragging in a pine tree? I said, "How is that possible? Nevertheless, in the end, it didn't matter, and it was definitely just as good, to block the door. We quickly place it at the door, and it's now blocked.

Suddenly the door starts banging, roaring, and growling. That demon was very furious filled with wrath. They stood frozen looking at the door, and I made them snap out of it and firmly said; we need to get out!

They find a rope in a closet and toss it out the window, tying it securely. We waste no time, and one after another climb down, as the girls go first then the guys.

Outside everything seemed tranquil. I found it astonishing that everyone, not to mention our tourist guide was outside too. I found it weird, but that's how the dream went. No one talked about the castle, and nothing was asked to me.

Almost as if nothing happened, or was it all my imagination? (Sighing)

Wondering what I truly experienced inside that place, I suddenly remembered the ghost. "Omg, I feel seriously bad; I forgot with all the things happening, "Wonder if it ever escaped? 
May it now find comfort in God's hands.

Staring at house sadly, a young man I've never seen comes to me handing me a ring and says, Hi. I look at him and said hi as well, and I said do I know you? He says, not exactly, but I came to give you this ring.

Confused I said, "What's this? I don't understand, why are you giving me a ring? He said, Evander requested I do, to tell you, thank you for helping him.

(I look at ring with earth on it, very extraordinary, unlike any ring I've ever seen.) The name Evander inscribed on it, I then say, I don't know who is Evander? Sir, can you please tell me who Evan..der...?

As I look up, the young man is gone, and tried searching around for him, but was nowhere in sight. I Say to myself"Hmm, that's strange?

Looks at ring again, and then starts thinking. (Whispering) Thank you for helping him...

"Wait, What?" "No, it can't be? Is it possible the baby ghost sent me this, somehow reincarnated and is now a human man? On the other hand, was that man who gave me this ring, Evander himself who personally wanted to thank me for helping him escape that demon?

Thanking me with this ring without me knowing and mysteriously vanished?

I was left with many questions many doubts, and I may never know the truth, but one thing I know is that, it was evident what I saw and that demon is in that asylum castle waiting and prowling it's next innocent victim. That's after all, the castle's enigmatic secrets it hides within.