In recent years, there has been an explosion of research and experiments that deal with Creativity and A.I. Almost every week, there is a new bot that paints, writes stories, composes music, designs objects or builds houses. Projects cover a wide range of disciplines — from machine learning, music, writing, art, fashion to industrial design and architecture. We call this phenomenon “CreativeAI”. See “CreativeAI — ch01” for an analysis. is a space to share CreativeAI projects. Countless links to CreativeAI Projects are floating around the web. It’s hard to keep track of these gems. attempts to solve this problem by offering a collaboratively curated feed of projects. Each project is conveniently presented as Link + Media + Tags + Discussion. People can submit their findings and let the community discover and discuss it. A regular newsletter makes it easy to stay up-to-date on recent advancements. It’s free and open.

Final thoughts

There are countless places on the web to share CreativeAI links: Reddit, Twitter etc. The defining factor with all these outlets is the community. focuses solely on one topic, CreativeAI. Thus, it attempts to attract a multidisciplinary community of researchers and enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and learning from each other. The goal is to help connect a movement. It is a celebration of creativity and an invitation for play!

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