Those working in digital product development are downright dreaded by not being able to deliver a project in an expected way, especially if they have strict contracts and tight deadlines around their necks.

But what can one do, putting new digital products out in the world always holds a great deal of risk, and well, the opportunity to hit a few failures. The question remains: how much are we going to lose if the much-dreaded failure occurs? …

The tech giant introduces a new regulatory fee to dodge government tax to advertisers.

Working in the field of digital transformation means that you are usually in the first line to get updates from tech behemoths. This month, Google announced a new fee on ads served in the UK, Austria and Turkey. Wait a minute, does this mean that you will have to pay more to run ads in these countries? Unfortunately, yes.

Google introduces this fee to dodge government taxes to advertisers

Probably, the most disappointing in all this is how Google explains their move:

We will […] encourage governments globally to focus on international tax reform rather than…

We are facing a global scenario that has no play book. Times like these put to test humanity’s perseverance, empathy and altruism. It is uncertain what will happen and we don’t know how to handle it. But, 64 years ago neither did we know how to build a spaceship. There is plenty of negative information that we see on a daily basis related to COVID-19, I promise you, this won’t be another one of them.

Disclaimer: Our team (Cognitive Creators) and my family are taking all the recommended measures by WHO to keep us safe, and so should you.

Many times we take things for granted. Sometimes, there is a need for a shocking moment to realize that everything can end with a split of a second. Yesterday, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away in a terrible helicopter crash.

Just a few people know that outside my digital craft, I enjoy playing basketball on a hobby level. The news to me was more than dreadful. I want to tribute this article to Kobe, as he can be an inspiration to us all.

There are already plenty of detailed articles about how Kobe Bryant became “Black Mamba”, one…

Do you remember the time when you walked into your favourite pastry shop and the guy behind the counter knew it was your birthday, because he noted it down 2 years ago when you accidentally mentioned it? What a great way to start your day, realising that you’ve got a free donut on your special day. Back then it took a great effort to know customer details and create truly personalized offers for them. Today, things have changed. We are annoyed by the notifications, text messages, emails, pop-ups and all the aggressive marketing materials that appear in front of us…

Credit: Flickr/Bago Games

There are many angry Game of Thrones fans out there currently raving about how 8 years of epic storytelling were ruined in just 6 episodes. Personally, I am not angry, just disappointed. Anyway, what happened, has happened, so let’s see what can we learn from this in the perspective of marketing strategy.

People are engaged positively with storytelling that makes sense (even if the story is negative)

Game of Thrones proved to be more than the typical TV series already in its first season when the roots of the story were planted. Plot twists and unexpected changes of focus on who the characters were happened continuously. You started hating a character, but in the next…

Do you remember when you learned your first fancy word, and used it in almost every context?

Well, most hyped words follow similar patterns today, so it’s hard to recognize what is what. As business executives are bombed with new terminology on a daily basis, it’s not a surprise they struggle to look behind the meaning and value of each new fancy word they meet. The bad news: this trend won’t get better. The good news: you don’t have to understand everything, it’s enough to focus only on the business critical parts. As more and more people are asking me what digital experience platforms are, I’ve decided to demystify this trendy and complex keyword.

The sceptics say there are no such things as digital experience platforms

There is a…

12 years ago, a 17 year old teenager got a summer assignment from his father to create a platform where products can be sold online. The father was an entrepreneur who learned that online can have a strong sales potential and wanted to experiment with it. Giving his son the task, looked the best option to go for. After 3 months of struggling, the platform was ready, online. It took another 30 days, but the first order was placed on the platform.

In a nutshell, that’s how my story started.

As a youngster, it was a pivotal moment, an inspiring…

Nowadays many marketers claim to be digital marketers. With the rising trend of digital marketing, putting the additional tag of “digital” to your job title can be temptingly easy. However, the truth is, many marketers, even those who have expertise in certain online fields do not qualify as true blood digital marketers. Some might have gathered experience in various online marketing field such as SEO, PPC or Social Media Marketing, being a digital marketer requires the in-depth understanding of data, digital tools (websites, mobile apps, IoT), digital markets and customer journeys that start in the real World and quickly flow…

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