Back in here.

So here I am back in a hospital again and left with my thoughts, But hey at least it’s giving me sometime to really think, not the important things but hey my mind never focuses on the important things in life they are simply too boring.

Where does my mind go? Where it wants to be of course! Thinking about things like design and dreaming about having that next big idea that can “change the world”. One of the benefits of studying a design degree is that this isn’t a complete waste of my time, in fact it has really got me focused on my latest assignment. I am trying to design a child’s toy and the packaging it comes in.

Growing up I was never very good with toys, I never really appreciated them so I left them lying around and then they broke, I still wonder why my mum never brought me many toys. In 2000 I got my favourite toy of all time, a HP Pavilion 4450. You can tell by that fact alone that really I wasn’t the action figure kind of kid growing up. Now at 28 I’m trying to design my own toy, to be honest at first this seemed like a joke to me. Then after watching some TED talks and random stuff on design on YouTube, it hit me. A toy is literally what I should be designing.

All of my lectures on design so far at university have been leading me to the concept that design is not an inanimate thing that sits in front of you, it is an experience. I am at Day 7 of the daily ui challenge, you would of thought it would hit me before I even decided I wanted to be a ui designer. This task isn’t asking me to simply make a toy, it is asking me to create a safe educational and fun experience for children.

At this moment I think I appreciate my little brother more as I actually have something to draw inspiration from. I have so many fun and memorable experiences with him now all I have to do is figure out how do I transfer those experiences to other children and teach them something, hopefully something other than fart sounds much to the rest of my family’s dismay I was quite good at teaching him that.

So that’s where my head is out now. Considering my current situation, positive thoughts like that are probably not a bad thing.

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