HARD LIFE, GREAT JOYWhat means to work in the creative field?

I’m writing this article for young designers, architects , interior designers, graphic designers , product designers — all the people that work in creative fields , or for that ones that are curious to know how is to be an artist.

I have no breaking news….it was hard with amazing fulfillment on Michelangelo’s time and it’s the same today. You put all your heart into your art, you work always overtime to be the best you can be, to create something unique, special, of great quality and you hope you will have something to eat at the end of the day, and someday make it big. Sometimes it harder, other days is better, but all the time your heart is put up there on the line, in face of the criticism of the people.

You learn to live with that but let me tell you something… I’ve worked for some time now like architect, packaging & retail designer, had some accomplishments that I’m very proud of, received a lot of compliments on my work but today when I open my computer and receive a revengeful email from one of my clients — it still caught me unprepared. And how do you prepare for insults? Is there a course I have to take? . It was not just an email — it was a TRULY DECLARATION OF WAR. While I was reading it, I could hear the medieval warriors coming to attack me. Let’s sum it… it was a blood bath. I’m sure there are up there a lot of designers and architects that fully understand what I’m saying. Maybe you are wondering why? Or maybe you want to tell me-Well, you shouldn’t take it so personal. It’s just business…Well, when you put your soul into you’re work, when you create something with your own hands, when you dedicate all your passion to it… IT BECOMES PERSONAL!!Don’t tell me is not personal. With all the experience in the world…when somebody destroys your work, you suffer. It’s just the way it is.

Art is always different for everybody, what you see pretty maybe I don’t see pretty and so on.

But the true is that no matter what is your opinion, we all must learn to have respect for the artist behind the work. New creations need fans. How many building you know or paintings there were considered ugly and now because they get publicity and some people with courage appreciated them are famous and loved.

So working in the creative field, creating unique houses that your clients don’t like or maybe sculpting a great piece of art that will be appreciated long after you will be gone is something that will never get easy if people don’t learn to open their minds and respect the creator. Maybe his art is not for you, but nothing gives you the right to destroy it. Criticism is easy, but that ones that put their heart on the line do all the effort. Show some respect.

For you — the creative soul…Thought luck. You were born to suffer!

But along the way you will experience more joy than any of your critics. You will live absorbed in your art, be always in love with what you do, and with some inspiration and luck you will create something to be remember for the next generation — create a new fashion or invent a new piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. So hang in there, it’s going to get better!


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