Pack expo’s all around the world!

If you are a designer you are definitely going to visit one of this expo’s close to your area in search of the new trends!

Some of the expo’s offer a large and complete range of products and manufacturing methods & machines, other less useful information for designers, but one thing is sure — you can’t miss the new innovating materials and techniques of 2016!

Being a designer, but also a big lover of all new and bold inventions, I have to say I would like to see more strong and interactive ways of presenting the products.

The pack expo 2016 from Bucharest, Romania was well organized, quite technical, but somehow I was missing that “people element”, the exhibition was more about the machines, the interactive elements were not really front and center. I would have loved to see a more lively presentation of materials with better explanations, the products and machines “in action“.

Normally such shows should be more alive, offer answers for very different problems and be more customer friendly.

It should be more about people, because in the end they are the ones that are buying the packages, so why not give them a great energetic experience?

It would also be great idea if there could be an international online pack expo were all this amazing innovation could be seen by anybody, no matter in which country they live.

Just to give you a quick example — platforms like MATERFAD ( are very useful because they allow people from all over the world to find out all the details about these revolutionary materials. When I’ve been to Barcelona, I visit this materials center and I have to tell you, in just one word: Impressive! I would love to see more!

What do you think? How is the pack expo in your city?