“ THE HOUSE that could talk “

I was always fascinated with old, beautiful houses from other times & eras.

I just find them amazing, how every part, every detail , every carved wooden door has its story, an amazing journey that stood the test of time so that you, today - can look at it.

When I work like an architect designer, I like spending my time trying to save one more of these jewelries. Every time I went on the field — to take measurements, pictures, I try to capture the soul of these old houses .

I think that people just forgot about them and I’m extremely happy every time someone saves just one more, and shows to the rest of the world:

“ What a building! What amazing stories it must have to look like this after all this time, if it could only talk ! ”

And in my opinion, they do.

Just give them a chance, let them be part of your life, and give them purpose!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of new, modern, edgy and meaningful contemporaneous architecture. I always advice my clients to embrace the modern style outside and inside their houses. Don’t copy classic. You can’t .The result will be disappointing.
Be present! If you like modern cars, the latest technologies, let your house be a statement of the century you live in!

BUT, if you have the chance to buy a beautiful old house… Just do it- don’t think anymore. I assure you, that with patience and perseverance it will be great for you and the next generation, becoming a true family value.

Taking all this into account, old buildings must be reintegrated in society. They must be respected! You don’t exchange your grandpa for a younger, cooler one, don’t you???
So don’t just ignore it and turn the head in other direction, or just wait for it to be demolished!

I can tell you from my experience that you feel a great joy when you can save and restore one of these amazing pieces of architecture.

I’m very happy to see when other people from other countries have the same opinion like me and they care and work so much for this. I’ve just watched a show about restoring old American houses by Nicole Curtis. I was impressed of all the hard work she’s putting in for giving these old houses their soul back, just make them beautiful again.

Do you hear that house “talking “?

Maybe is telling stories of the two little kids that played there hundreds of magical games when they were little , or maybe it’s telling you about that wonderful Christmas evening when the whole family get together, about the curious dog from the backyard, and so many, many other stories…

Tomorrow it can tell the story about you.

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