Tips For Organising a Superhero Party

Like kids, adults can have their own superhero themed party as well. All one needs to do is decide the dress code, prepare invitations, decorate, and arrange for food, drinks and games accordingly. Read the article for more info.

Kids always dream of putting on a long cape, flying in the sky, beating the daylights out of bad guys and saving the day. But whenever adults talk about doing such things, people find it awkward. Why is that? Why should the idea of grown-ups talking about superheroes turn heads? We are living in the time when big actors like Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, etc. do not feel weird while dressing up as famous comic heroes such as Deadpool or Batman. Amidst all of this, therefore, it would not be such a bad idea for adults to throw a superhero themed party. Given below are guidelines that can teach a newbie how to do it right:

Dress Code

This must be the first and foremost thing to decide. Should the guests be asked to come dressed in their own costumes or will they be given capes and masks at the door? The party should revolve around a whole superhero universe (like DC, Marvel, etc.) instead of one particular character. This would allow variation in costumes and up the fun of the bash.


Once the dress code has been decided as per the party’s theme, the invitations must be prepared and sent either via email, social networking sites or IMs. The invitation should be attractive and unique. It can contain special messages, such as “Metropolis & Gotham Welcomes You”, or “Drop In For Some X-Men Fun”.


The decorations of an adult superhero themed party can include posters, framed photocopies of comic book pages, scene setters, etc. One can even buy theme-related kits from online shopping portals that may include plates, cutlery, napkins, table covers, centrepieces, banners, streamers, party favours and balloons.

Food & Drinks

No party can be complete without food, and a superhero themed bash is no exception. There are so many suitable food items that can be included, such as hero sandwiches, finger foods in the shape of emblems, themed cupcakes, etc. As for the cake, one get novelty option prepared by any bakery selling adult novelty cakes in Brisbane. Drinks can be either regular beverages or creatively prepared cocktails.


After everyone have had their food and drinks, it would be nice to play games for hiking up the fun. The party organiser can arrange for one or multiple games depending on the number of invitees, like a crime board game, Scene It? Marvel Edition, Spider-Man monopoly, etc.

Along with the above mentioned guidelines, an individual can also adopt other innovative ideas by doing some research over the internet or borrowing tips from other sources for organising a superhero party.