Tips To Organise A Farewell Party

Organising a farewell party is an awesome way to bid goodbye to the person you love. Planning it is relatively simple if collated with other parties. Some tips about how to arrange a farewell party have been discussed in this article.

A farewell party is organised for different occasions. Whether some one is leaving the country, retiring from a job, or leaving a school, a farewell party is always the best way to say good bye to that particular person. Planning a farewell party is almost same as organising other kind of parties. Given below are some tips, have a look:

1. Choose a place to organise the party:

There are different venue options to choose from in order to organise a farewell party. Depending upon who is going to be bade goodbye, choose the place. For example, for a office employee who is leaving, the venue could be the office premises itself or you might choose a venue like restaurant for arranging the corporate farewell party. Send invitation cards to the other members whom you want to be present at the event.

2. Decorate the place:

Never compromise with the quality of decorations while organising a farewell party. Put up a large banner printed with “FAREWELL” accompanied by the name of the person who is leaving. You can have a themed party where you can decorate according to the desired theme. Don’t forget to use balloons and ribbons while decorating the interiors of the venue. Make use of some famous farewell quotes and hang them on the walls too.

3. Arrange for food and drinks:

While arranging the food items don’t forget to consider the likes and dislikes of the person who is going to be bade farewell. There are many specialty shops and cake makers offering customised cakes to make the farewell party a lot more fun, entertaining and memorable. Even customised corporate cakes in Brisbane are available. You can order such a cake prepared as per your specifications. The top of the cake can be made to depict a special message intended for the person who would be bidding goodbye. Also include some beverages, soft drinks and hard drinks in the menu.

4. Order a farewell gift:

Presenting a farewell gift to the person who is leaving can be a great way to make him or her feel special. Decide the type of gift according to the farewelled person’s preference. If the person leaving is a retired employee, than it would be better to use some traditional type of gift. On the other hand if the party is for a person leaving their job for a better opportunity then gift them something that conveys your best wishes to them.