The Path of The Marketer

Ron Conti
Ron Conti
Jan 20 · 2 min read

Here are the two main paths you can choose while you are online. They are generally regarded as two schools of online business:

• Internet marketing

• Niche marketing

The Way of the Internet Marketer

Internet marketing is targeted at those who want to focus on these industries:

• Business opportunity niches (creating businesses that is targeted towards people looking for new ways to earn extra income)

  • Making money online via teaching others how to make money online (coaching or marketing to other marketers)
  • Network marketing opportunities (or other opportunities involving multi-level compensation plans or recruiting other recruiters)
  • Re-seller niches (focusing on marketing E-products to OTHER re-sellers such as resell rights, private label rights, private label graphics and many others).
  • Any other money making niches whose target market focuses on others who want to make more money.

    This industry is usually more competitive and aggressive. However, the target market is usually more willing to buy, usually have more cash flow and have a fixed running cost that they will spend on to keep their businesses going.

    The Way of the Niche Marketer

    On the other side of the coin, we have niche marketing. This term is coined because the marketers who focus on this niche target end users that mostly exclude the niches mentioned in Internet marketing.

    In other words, niche marketing is everything else that Internet marketing (or business opportunity niches) are NOT.

    They focus more on the end user in non-Internet marketing niches.

    Here are examples of niche marketing:

• How to take care of your pets

  • Healthy living or weight loss
  • Self-improvement and motivation (although it may intertwine with make money niches sometimes)
  • How to buy cars or other entertainment
  • Hair growth or beauty
  • Music or movies
  • Any other niches in everyone’s daily life that people are willing to search for information for.

These are just a few examples, but I think you get the idea who niche marketing targets. Basically, they focus on the end user and not opportunity seekers and re-sellers.

These niches have a market of their own and it usually has much less competition compared to the make money online niches.

Monetization techniques for this niche usually involve Google AdSense (if you are using the publishing model) or affiliate marketing.

You can even create your very own product if you are an expert in a niche (for example, if you are good at playing designer board games, you can design guides that teach people how to excel at board games).

This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd

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