How I Upgraded My Blog With Lyrical Host

It takes me a while to make a decision, but once I do, I go for it.

I’d been debating getting my own domain around here for ages, read up on other people’s experiences, but y’know, didn’t push the button.

Because I was comfortable with, liked them (still do), appreciated the community, (still do) and saw no reason to change the habits of a blogging lifetime seven years.

And yet.

When I started writing this blog I was looking for work in Edinburgh. Back then this blog actually helped me get a job that I loved, attempting to make the world a more accessible place.

I went to my office during the day, and blogged at night.

It was a groovy set up.

And now.

I’m at home with Isla losing freelance opportunities due to distance and travel expenses. I hope to create some new opportunities with the new .com

I’ve wanted to invest in my writing and this blog for a long time, and I’d been hearing that going self-hosted is a way to do that. And after 7 years, my original web address was actually giving me writer’s cramp, and it never fit on one line.

I’ve also been looking into ways I can make an income from the blog, (while still remaining true to myself and all of you groovy readers) and again a way to do that was to get my own domain.

And so, my ‘why?’ switched to ‘OK how?’

Two things helped me decide to make a decision:

1. Lyrical Host ticked all the boxes on the list I wrote down in my blogging notebook, a UK -based, independent company, that offered managed hosting (which basically means non-technical people don’t have to stress about the technical side of things) that was more about people than numbers.

b. It was Black Friday. And the fact that they offer free resources every month doesn’t hurt, either.

On Saturday, I picked my domain name. Bonus was it was actually available.

Then I booked a (free) migration for the next day.

Lyrical Host support transferred my content from one place to another and even installed my (now, previous) theme, all as part of the process. They transferred my subscribers and connected me to Jetpack, so I could get features on the self-hosted site.

Now there were some technical issues, but the support is very, um, supportive. And also patient with excitable bloggers (like me) who don’t know much about technical issues (also me). After some emails that were answered really quickly, it was discovered that the issues were mine, and not theirs. That happens sometimes.

More about Lyrical Host and their plans and services can be found here.

Lyrical Host did not ask me to write this post, but if you do sign up and use GIN10 at checkout, I get a small commission, so there’s that. More on my disclosure can be read here.

I’m genuinely happy with this new chapter and I’m glad I found Lyrical Host for this part of my blogging journey. I would recommend them to anyone looking to refresh your corner of the web.

How do you plan to boost your blog to get ready for 2018?

Originally published at Gin & Lemonade.