Why Don’t You Sleep At Night?

Isla looked at my face this morning and asked a very maybe wise beyond her years/obvious/ simple question:

Mummy, why don’t you sleep at night?

Isla in snow

What could I say?

Because I’m cold,

Because I’m reading,

Because I’m hungry,

Because I feel crowded,

Because I feel alone,

Because I think too much,

Because it’s too quiet.

Are you breathing?

Have I done enough?

How old am I?

How old are you?


Because I’m crafting complicated sentences.

Fuck it.

What time is it?

What year is it?

Because I miss you,

Because I’m thinking of your face.

Because what the hell is that noise?

I’m hungry.

Should I just get up?

No, I’m cold.

Is that more snow?

And so, I looked at Isla this morning, and answered, ‘Because Daddy snores.’

Originally published at Gin & Lemonade.