A little about the person behind the keyboard

Taking an online marketing course is proving to be an exciting adventure. The first step — this blog. For the next 100 days, I’m going to take you for a ride through my creative expressions. I am assigning myself one creative outlet per day of the week as listed at the end of this post.

So you can get to know me better, let’s start with some brief snippets about me:

  1. Puns are my favorite sense of humor. You could say they’ll always have a pizza my heart. ;)
  2. I am a person of many expressions — I’ve been told Snapchat was made just for me and my plethora of faces.
  3. Whenever I tap one of my feet, I have to tap the other exactly the same number of times. Why? Symmetry.
  4. Sometimes I eat my pancakes rolled up and dipped in syrup. It keeps things cleaner, and it’s a fun way to entertain.
  5. As a 21 year old female, I find no shame in the fact that I still sleep with a blankie and stuffed tiger.
  6. I am obsessed with paper products. Notebooks, stationary, craft paper, etc. And yes, texture matters.
  7. Not many people can say they were on a jump rope team. And I rocked those double unders. Back crossies, anyone?
  8. I remind my friends of Phil Dunphy from Modern Family, Dory from Finding Nemo, and the Genie from Aladdin. Doing voice impressions is a personal specialty.
  9. Momming is not just an activity for me, it’s a lifestyle. My default setting is “Mom”. Is everyone safe? Did you bring your coat? Are you sure you’re hydrating properly?
  10. Writing songs, singing, and playing guitar refreshes my soul. Music has been a lifelong passion fueled by family, faith, and nine years of choir.
  11. Jesus deserves way more than a brief mention on this list, so I’ll let you learn more about His influence in my life over the course of this 100 days together.

What about you? I want this to be fun for everyone, so help me get to know you better, too. Comment with a few fun facts about yourself!


Monday~Writing a poem




Friday~Writing a devotional

Saturday~Wild Day (Choose any)

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