Do you know?

In agony, tears poured from his eyes

They didn’t know

The past only confirmed what was to come

You see, they once bowed low in reverence

To honor this same man

Only then he wasn’t human

Disgust filled hearts, minds, and cries

They shouted for blood and retribution

To murder this same man

Only he was innocent

When life was ripped from his grasp

The gravity of what happened dawned on them

The identity of this same Man

He was their Maker

In glorious light and brilliance

He rose — shared forgiveness and love

From grace came this same man

He is the Savior

In joy, tears poured from His eyes

Now they would know

Now they could live

Now they were free

We can only live in true freedom when we understand the gospel — the truth that Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God, gave His life so we might live.

There are many who do not know this because we refuse to tell them. Why? Fear that we will offend them. Fear that others will mock us. Fear that we won’t say the right words at the right time…

Well, we were called to share the love of Christ and to preach His Word to the world. We were also guaranteed persecution. So, yes, there will be some negative reactions to our invitations of conversation. BUT, people will hear the name of Jesus, and that’s more important than a few frowns or no-thank-you’s.

Lives are on the line. Hearts are on the line. Souls are on the line.

So, let’s stand up against fear because we know the greatest news — the news that gives life, joy, peace, forgiveness, comfort, and love — and everyone deserves to hear it.