Get ready, get set…

Get ready

Get set


Did you hear that?

Listen closer.

Hear it now?

That voice so small?

“I love you.”

A necessary part of our daily routine is listening.

We need to wait rather than run full-speed ahead. Why?

Because God speaks.

God wants to share His love with you each morning. He wants to tell you your worth. By starting the day in His presence, we are equipped with truth. When you get bombarded by the world, you’ll know how to separate the lies from what you know to be true.

The Holy Spirit also guides us and provides discernment and wisdom. By simply listening, we can go through the day more in tune with God’s heart for us and for others. We can encourage others by reaffirming their identity in Christ and by sharing the words God speaks over them.

Get ready, get set, wait.

Start by reading the Word, because everything He says aligns with the Bible, and take a moment to listen to God today .

Thanks for reading, friends! You are loved.

This post includes Sunday’s painting, Monday’s poem, and today’s drawing.