Tutorial on How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Turquoise Bead

Hello there! My name is Doreen, nice to meet you all!~

You know, I’m a jewelry maker. So I’d like to meet you with my latest DIY jewelry design, hope you like it.

It’s a wire wrapped turquoise bead bangle, to make it, you’ll need:

18mm Dyed Synthetical Turquoise Oval Bead
 1mm Aluminum Wire
 0.5mm Copper Wire
 Round Nose Plier
 Side Cutting Plier

Now let’s see how to make the wire wrapped bangle:

Step 1: Twist a basic shape for the bangle bracelet

1st, snip off 2 pieces of 1mm silver color aluminum wire (about 20cm and 30cm), then twist a little loop at each end of the wire respectively;
2nd, snip off 4 pieces of short copper wire, then tie the aluminum wires together as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Add 2 more aluminum wires

1st, snip off 2 pieces of aluminum wires (about 25cm), twist a small loop at the ends of the wire respectively;
2nd, twist the middle part of the aluminum wire as pictures, then snip off several pieces of copper wires, then tie the aluminum wires to the previous ones.

Step 3: Make wire wrapped adornments

1st, snip off 2 pieces of aluminum wires, and twist a snail shape at each end of the wires;
2nd, attach the adornments to the middle of the bangle as shown.

Step 4: Finish the wire wrapped bangle bracelet

1st, snip off a piece of copper wire, and thread it through a 18mm yellow green turquoise bead;
2nd, tie the ends of the copper wire to the edges of the bangle bracelet and trim off the wires.

Here is showing you the final look of this wire wrapped bangle bracelet!

With neat and simple design on this wire wrapped bangle bracelet, it could be worn in any occasions. This bracelet is really cost-efficient since the supplies are valued less than 0.5USD!! How do you like this wire wrapped bangle bracelet? Have a try if you love it!!

Originally published at lc.pandahall.com.