The reason for introducing a design system is not so people can work less — It’s so people can work better.

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Design systems have been the hot talk in the world of digital design.

Many companies have started publishing their design system and guidelines. Surely, it is an investment!

In her brilliant presentation on design systems, Diana Mounter from GitHub states that many businesses do not hire people to focus on design systems, until the inefficiencies of not implementing one, becomes too difficult to bear.

As a novice, I was unsure about design systems and how it was any better than style guides and component libraries. …

Disclaimer: This is a personal side project and the purpose was to explore the possibilities of the streaming apps currently in the market.


As a streaming service, StreamIt is the group lead in the region and it wants to stay that way. For this reason, they want to improve engagement and retention in the app.

The Challenge

Develop and propose a UX and UI design addressing the use case and business objectives for this streaming smartphone application.

This case study documents the design process of the project. The re-designed app includes several interface and features revamp.

Understanding User Goals

To better understand the users, I conducted couple of interviews with friends about the problems they face with the streaming apps they use and how they would like their experience to be. This is to find out their attitudinal characteristics. …

Life is giving you a free virtual personal assistant!

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Recently, I have been considerate about many modern technologies and the implications for the future of user experiences. So much was spoken of artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice assistants… with the list continuing.

Nowadays, a set of different systems and applications has enabled human-machine interaction, which includes simple things like remotes, mobile phones, switches, and screen of our computers to complex technology like Acrobat and JavaScript. …


Huzaifa Ratlam

UX/UI and Product designer helping companies in making user-centered and seamless experiences.

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