We the People

I awoke with a start, heart beating wildly as I quickly rolled over to see if he was still there and thankfully he was. He was peacefully sleeping like a baby and all I could do was stare, stare and remember every line…every crease…every part of the structure of his face, trace his lips and jaw gently with my finger as the love poured through me for him. I loved this man and the thought of losing him scared me senseless. I thought about the path we had taken and the times we had shared, I wondered if he felt the same and in that was my answer. That was several months ago , I left after that night with no words exchanged, I changed my number and deactivated every social media outlet possible. He had moved on and I wanted no part of it. Which brings me here to good ol’ Tuslin, WA.

Oh! your probably wondering who I am, my name is Elizabeth, Liz for short of course. I am the head analysts at my fathers company, Aumin Corp, which is the top research and AI development facility on the west coast and.. Wait, hold on someone is at my door.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — -

The knocking is continuos and loud, I walk through my loft placing my laptop on the kitchen counter next to the door. As of lately I have been getting a lot of knock knock zoom zoom participants ,I promise I will knock knock those kids out if I catch them,so I decide to tiptoe as quietly as I can to the door. As I look through the peek hole I am both relieved and disappointed, I recognize the eyes peering back at me, it’s Chris. Chris works with me at A/C, we grew up together and he still proves to be a complete pain in my rectum.

“ It’s 6am,” I say to Chris.

“You’ve been up since 4am, plus your father wants you at A/C there’s been a break in. Your office was targeted.”

“Of course it was, I’ll meet you at the car.”

I’m annoyed that he still remembers my sleeping habits. As I close the door and grab my cardigan and shorts off of my side couch to put on, my laptop alerts me of an email. I read it quickly recognizing the sender, it reads,” Meet me at 12th and Central at 12pm , bring cash. Sincerely, Chatm3ns83.” This is the third email I have recieved from Chatm3ns83 , I’ve grown curious, I’ll let Chris in on it to see what this is about, but first the break in.

We arrive at A/C and indeed my office has been completely trashed. All of the documents within my desk are scattered about as books no longer adorn the shelves but the floor. I am internally grateful that I decided to take my laptop home. As i stand at the doorway of my office I see my father approaching.

“Happy to see you weren’t here when this occurred darling.” He smiles genuinely, I ignore it.

“Will you be reporting this or letting it slide yet again?”

“Is anything stolen?”


“Then no, no need. I will place you in a different office, right next to Chris, he can keep an eye on you.”

“ Chris is more like a poodle than a Pit, besides this has been the 4th break in this week, we need to handle this properly by-

“We are handling it, grab your books Liz, have Chris take you home.

And with that he walks off as Chris comes from down the hall. They share a quick glance as Chris continues towards me

“Everything ok?” He asks

“ No.”

I enter into my office picking up the books I wish to keep which includes a hardback book my mother gave me as a child. I flip through the pages trying to remember my mother’s voice as she read it, I clench it close to my chest willing myself to remember her face but it’s useless.


“ I can’t…I still can’t remember”

Chris kneels beside me , nudging me softly, “Give it more time…lets get some food in you — homemade French toast? ”

I smile slightly , as much as he gets on my nerves he knows my weak spots. We both start to head out of my office until a small device catches my eye within all the scattered papers. I go to see what it is and realize it is a small usb, I pocket it quickly and go to catch up with Chris

“Homemade uh, I hope your cooking skills improved over the years,” I say out of teasing

“Who said I was cooking?”

I look at him in disbelief, as we continue down the hall.