Let’s Lasso!

As competition intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases. It is no longer enough to do the same thing better . . . no longer enough to be efficient and solve problems. — Edward de Bono

From yesteryears to today and beyond tomorrow, all businesses requires marketin’ some way or the other. That’s a fact! These days it’s not about “Tell me how good it is”, it’s all about “Show me how awesome it is!”. That’s communication through marketin’ and it’s all around us.

From where I come from, marketin’ and ballyhoo are definitely weak and old fashioned. That’s my personal opinion because it’s always about the stale monthly newsletter, tweetin’ or postin’ on Facebook ‘special discounts/deals’, messy and awful lookin’ flyers, or impersonal emails that ends up in the junk/spam box!

As of now, I reckon people hardly trust large organizations and are tired of the way products are bein’ marketed or advertised. I love marketin’ and I trust it requires lots of creativity for potential consumers to follow. But to be creative , it is better to have more than one head to bounce ideas and learn from each other. I get my inspiration by readin’ and keepin’ up to date to learn from others.

There are lots of fundamental articles out there that marketers should read in order to level up and be ace-high. As I lasso some of the articles to share, I do hope you’ll enjoy and leave some feedbacks. I don’t receive any sort of credits for it.

So there, that’s my plan.

Enough yammerin’! I’m gonna cut a path into the wilderness of creative marketin’..

So long!

*tips the hat*

Originally published at creativelasso.com.