We’re All Content Creators

Jaylin Paschal
May 31, 2017 · 2 min read

It wasn’t until I fully appreciated the creativity which exists and thrives on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram (especially Instagram Stories), that I realized this — that we are all content creators.

I think it was the idea of “stories” and page “themes” or “aesthetics” which made me realize it. Watching the curation of it all. Carefully capturing and selecting images and videos, and then thoughtfully arranging them to portray a message. Seeing that message through to the caption and location. It’s the work of content creation, at a personal but potentially massive scale. Think of Solange Knowles’ branding done simply through Instagram — her stories and posts are cohesive, thoughtful and provide insight into her artistry. It’s personal, but with her follower count of 2.8 million, it’s powerful.

Beyond the visual realm, Twitter also has allowed everyone to take on this role. Think of all the threads you’ve read; all the tweets; all the tweets which lead to quote tweets; all the hashtags; all the Moments. Twitter has provided its users with an opportunity to make one another laugh, cry and understand within 140 characters, sometimes supplemented by corresponding visuals like pictures, videos or gifs. But that’s just Twitter. Think of spaces like Medium, which similarly allow anyone to create and share content at length.

So what does that mean for those who choose “Content Creator” as an occupational title? Does that make our job harder, or easier? More or less important?

The answer, of course, is all four of the plausible.

It is harder in the sense that it requires an elevated level of creativity and strategy, as it becomes more challenging to stand out and easier to have your voice lost amist the noise, chatter and clickbait of the digital world. And yet it is easier, as there is never a lack of inspiration, ideas or direction; you hardly ever run out of story ideas and there is almost always a cure for writers’ (or creators’) block. It is more important in the sense that someone has to set a cultural standard that the masses both respect and aspire to. But also less important, as nearly all of us have become disposable and replaceable; as the message now has countless messengers.

So regardless of where you land on the creative spectrum — of just how much of a content creator you are — if you are regularly telling stories and communicating through posting and sharing, you are a “Content Creator.” Put it in your bio.

Jaylin Paschal

Written by

creativeliberationblog.com • Hip Hop Enthusiast + Creative Strategist + Content Creator.

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