By Rana DiOrio, Co-Founder & CEO of Creative Mint, Inc.

The way we’ve been ushering children’s media into the world is inefficient, time-consuming, undemocratic, cloaked, and done in a way that does not honor Creatives. According to Jeff Goins, the best-selling author of five books, including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve:

“A creative is an artist. Not just a painter or musician or writer. She is someone who sees the world a little differently than others.

A creative is an individual. He is unique, someone who doesn’t quite fit into any box. Some think of creatives…

By Rana DiOrio, Co-Founder & CEO of Creative Mint, Inc.

Recently, the Authors Guild released the findings of a survey it conducted in collaboration with 17 other organizations, including data from more than 5,000 published authors. The results of the survey have prompted the Authors Guild to invoke a “crisis of epic proportions for American authors” when it comes to making a living from writing, especially for literary authors. Authors Guild President James Gleick said of the results, “When you impoverish a nation’s authors, you impoverish its readers.”

By Rana DiOrio, Co-Founder & CEO of Creative Mint™
& Monica Landers Co-Founder & CEO of StoryFit

Telling stories will always be a core part of who we are as humans, but the way we tell these stories continues to evolve (much faster than we do!). Thanks to some of the latest technology, we can experience stories in all sorts of new formats, whenever we want them. We can even insert ourselves in, and impact, stories. We believe that there are two powerful technology vectors in particular that will chart the course for media — artificial intelligence and blockchain. These…

By Rana DiOrio, Co-Founder & CEO of Creative Mint, Inc.

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“You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s.” — Blythe Masters, former executive at JP Morgan Chase and CEO of Digital Asset Holdings LLC

Most people are completely unaware of the massive tectonic shift that is transpiring in technology today. Its impact is as profound, and arguably more important, than the birth of the World Wide Web. My well-educated parents didn’t know anything about it before I told…

Creative Mint

Creative Mint™ is building a platform to decentralize and democratize creative intellectual property rights transactions leveraging the power of the blockchain.

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