because to get selected you need to get shortlisted first.

Not getting a reply from the recruiter is the biggest challenge right now.

An online poll conducted by indeed India to take a deep dive into the challenges faced by job seekers says -:

More than 40% of the job seekers shared that silence from the recruiter during or after the recruitment process is one of their biggest challenge

The reasons I got from 100s of interview rejections & what you can learn from my mistakes

“ It’s ok to not get selected. But it’s not okay to not know why someone rejected you, what their reasons were and where you could have improved.“

Over the past 2 years, I have applied to almost 100s of European companies, most of them based in Berlin. Yeah, Berlin…

“2019 is a year of mobile for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises). The network is built on mobile and since we (Instamojo) have always been a desktop-first platform, we thought this was the year we will focus on our mobile application which will give easy access to our merchants,”

Are you looking to add the UPI payment option for your customers/users, in your mobile app or website?

What People Know About the UPI

I hope most of us know about UPI & it’s benefits already. For those, who don’t know, UPI(Unified Payment Interface) is a new digital payment option in India. …

Tick off your tasks and get more organized.

People are very busy these days and it’s really very hard to keep everything in mind, they must need an app where they can keep notes about the important tasks they have to do because everyone can’t hire a personal assistant to…

How I made that process easy.

Make sure poor design choices aren’t causing engaged users to drop off at the last second.


To improve the current experience of choosing a collection point by reducing the amount of friction and steps while keeping the user experience simple, intuitive and engaging, so the customer can find the one…

Hi awesome people,
This is my 2nd article on medium and this time I decided to write about some common mistakes which we all can remove from our Apps to increase the usability and increase positive user experience for users. I remember how easily UX mistakes were overlooked when I started…

Objective: To add a new feature that would increase user engagement with HelloFresh app while keeping the user experience simple, intuitive and engaging.

About the HelloFresh

HelloFresh is an international meal delivery service with a presence in several Western European and North American countries, as well as Australia. …

MJ (Murari Jha)

Sr. Product Designer @headout, ex @bookmyshow, solving problems for the travel industry and enjoying failures (at least for a moment).

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