A clinic management software has many masters. Receptionists, doctors, and nurses all rely on it to complete their tasks effectively. It is partly due to them and their specific needs that the design process for patient management systems is overrun with challenges and complexities.

In order to establish what they were up against, we conducted a competitive analysis of 20 such systems. This research includes both medical and veterinary management software, as the in-clinic appointment flow and daily challenges are roughly the same for both.

The present article aims to clarify what works and what doesn’t for practice management systems…

You’ve just begun a design project. Running on passion and caffeine, you try to make everyone involved understand the product you’re building together. What will it look like? What stepping stones bring you closer to delivery?

As a product manager, you have a lot of ground to cover. The world of design deliverables is continuously evolving. It’s important to determine which ones give you a competitive edge.

We’ve collected a repository of UX/UI deliverables and resources to help you:

  • think about the value you’ve been providing throughout your design projects
  • consider adding more deliverables to your next projects
  • explain to…

Anybody who pays for user research must wonder: Is this actually going to make a difference? It’s a legitimate question, considering that most designers can’t articulate why they made certain design decisions.

We’ve worked on many POS design projects. In one particular case, the customer was a petrol station chain from Switzerland. During the discovery phase, we spent 3 days in Zurich doing user research, in order to understand the context and the factors affecting the performance of the POS system.

We observed the POS users on the job and we interviewed them. …

In Teil I (Englisch) haben wir gezeigt, dass sich B2B-E-Commerce von B2C unterscheidet, in einer Weise die zunächst nicht offensichtlich ist. Die UX-Designlösung muss auf Forschung basieren, aber hier sind User Experience-Designideen, die in unseren B2B-E-Commerce-Designprojekten funktioniert haben.

1) Erneute Bestellungen im B2B-E-Commerce vereinfachen

Der Wert der Kundenlebensdauer ist der große Geldverdiener im B2B-E-Commerce. In einigen Branchen haben Kunden eine begrenzte Anzahl von Artikeln, die sie immer wieder bestellen. Verbessern Sie die Benutzererfahrung für diese Kunden, um sie zu behalten:

  • Eine einfacher Wiederholungbutton für einen Kauf in der Geschichte ist eine mögliche Lösung.
  • Geben Sie anstelle einer Kaufhistorie einen Abschnitt an, in dem alle zuvor bestellten…

In part 1, we showed you that B2B e-commerce differs from B2C in surprising ways. Here is a collection of user experience design ideas that paid off for B2B e-commerce design projects we worked on.

Abstract dark cover showing B2B e-commerce user experience design
Abstract dark cover showing B2B e-commerce user experience design

1) Make It Easy to Order Again in B2B E-Commerce

Customer lifetime value is the big moneymaker in B2B e-commerce. In some industries, customers have a finite set of items they can keep ordering repeatedly. You can improve the user experience for these customers in order to keep them:

  • Add a simple repeat button on a purchase in their history;
  • Instead of a purchase history, provide a section in which all previous order SKUs are…

When you want to build a useful B2B e-commerce experience, UX becomes complicated. While working on many UX design projects, we’ve discovered that B2B shoppers have unique needs. This is part I of our series. Check out part II to get UX design ideas for B2B e-commerce.

Abstract cover showing B2B against B2C design for e-commerce websites.
Abstract cover showing B2B against B2C design for e-commerce websites.

1) Decision Making Is Systematic in B2B E-Commerce

The user experience must be designed to satisfy the rational aspect of decision making first.

The UX for any e-commerce experience must accommodate the user’s decision-making process. …

The digital signage CMS market will double in 5 years. No wonder: companies across most industries have yet to discover what a digital signage CMS can do for them.

Digital signage has a role to play even when times are tough.

Only Few Will Profit From The Growth

The market will consolidate in the coming years, and less than 10% of the 250+ digital signage CMS out there will reap the benefits of that growth.

Price will not be at the center of the dispute. While features might set some CMS apart, our survey of 50 products revealed that there was little variation in features. …

Contributed by Dennis Lenard, the CEO of a UX design agency driven by cognitive science.

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives to a great extent. With so much bad news piling up, we find ourselves contemplating the potential for a global economic crisis. Negative emotions begin to take their toll on us.

Photo by Martin Sanchez

Subjectively, it feels like we’re in control, but research from cognitive science and neuroscience shows that when negative emotions dominate the mind:

The discovery phase for Electrorent took 2 weeks. They sell and rent high-end electronics, but their e-commerce user experience wasn’t helping them much. So they hired us to help them overcome some of the B2B e-commerce design challenges they faced. Before doing any meaningful design, we did our homework really well.

Sketch on dark background illustrating the lack of structure at the onset of a UX discovery project.
Sketch on dark background illustrating the lack of structure at the onset of a UX discovery project.

Week 1 — Website Analysis and Stakeholder Interviews

The first week was all about the low hanging fruit and organizing the first layer of knowledge.

On Monday, we performed an audit of their existing website to pinpoint what’s wrong with it. We began by reviewing a database of complaints and support tickets from customers. …

A startup hired our user experience agency to help them create a tool for visualizing and presenting Geodata. We proposed 11 design sprints, and our client settled for 8. In the end, we delivered something else entirely, and we’re proud of that 😄.

A desk and two men’s arms as they discuss the requirements of a digital product.
A desk and two men’s arms as they discuss the requirements of a digital product.

The Sprint Plan Changed Early On

We focused on producing design solutions from day one. The first design sprint unfolded like every other design sprint. But by Friday, two things became clear:

  • the layout cannot be separated from the other issues;
  • the layout solutions were “ok”, but more time would make them great;

Strategy change: one extra week was allocated for refining the…

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