Creative Navy in the Top 5 UX Agencies Global Leader List

Creative Navy
Dec 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Usually, at 10.24am each morning our office is engulfed in deep silence, as everyone is zoned in on whatever UX challenge they are working on. Today, this silence was shattered as our CEO, Dennis Lenard stormed into the common work area and demanded: “Everybody stop whatever you are doing!”

Then came a passionate speech about how it pays to do be dedicated to excellence, to persist in spite of the enormity of a challenge and to focus on doing good work.

For a small team as Creative Navy, being recognised as one of the top 5 global UX agencies is important, especially as 1300 companies participated in the ranking and the award is based on verified customer feedback and the ability to deliver.

"Our UX work is based on cognitive science. It offer tremendous potential for digital products, but the results show in time. We are happy that the results we have worked for so hard, have now matured into an overall picture where our clients vouch for us." — Dennis Lenard, CEO Creative Navy, London

The quality of their verified reviews shows that Creative Navy team knows how to deliver exceptional work to its clients; business services comparison based on verified client reviews, services offered, work quality, and market presence.

Our team comes with a diverse set of expertise: cognitive science, statistics, design, interaction, development, research and communications, we have the power to look at challenges from diverse perspectives. With an evidence based design approach our design projects span embedded software, native, to mobile and web apps.

Our clients are distributed across the globe, and they have one thing in common: the requirement for mature and meticulous UX approach.

In 2018 we will further develop the cutting edge, evidence based approach together with our visionary clients.

Creative Navy

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Shaping hyperreality, a synthesis of human condition, physical and digital reality, through design and technology. Daily. UI/UX.

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