I sent them a link to one of my short stories on Medium, where I have an embedded soundcloud recording of me reading. I mentioned that I have recorded audiobooks that sell on Audible (so I actually know how to read with clear diction and master a recording). Nope, sorry. So instead of me recording my own story in an Audible.com-worthy manner FOR FREE, they paid some guy probably a couple of hundred bucks to do it. They do not understand the resource they have in us.
Thanks for the mention, Marjorie!
Jack Preston King

Exactly the same here. Not to be a high maintenance creator, but I can read my own works SO much better than someone else. I know I’m not alone. I’d think they’d want to open the floodgates to self read pieces, but…alas.

Whatever. I’m just gonna use it as an excuse to build out a new podcast presence. :)

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