So overall I agree with the end of your piece and the general intent/air of it.
Briana L. Urena-Ravelo

I appreciate your feedback. And I’m a little surprised that you found as much agreement with it as you did. I dig common ground.

I think there are some fundamental points where you and I simply disagree, and a few areas of disconnect, and that’s okay with me. I’m not interested in “converting” anyone, simply offering the context of my own perspective, and the opportunity to listen to others.

To one of your points, though: you’re right that this is written in the context of more white circles. In fact, to be honest, it’s probably geared towards mostly white audiences, since that’s really who I’m addressing in my ending statement. It’s certainly not my intention to presume to tell POC to shut up about CA that’s relevant to them — that’s more likely to be the type of genuine feedback that’s valuable. But yeah, my circles have a LOT of white women quick to take up offense on behalf of POC. Not just online; also IRL. I can think of several situations where this has happened in my class of mostly 19–21 year old art students. That’s the context.

There’s plenty more I could say, but as we live in the same city, we have no excuse not to have an IRL conversation, so I’ll just say I hope I run into you soon.🍻

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