Interesting perspective, but I’m wondering whether the issue shouldn’t be framed differently.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want them neutered.

I find this sentiment wildly disturbing.

As I said in another comment on this post, I was raised in the blue collar conservative community, so I don’t have to go to a Trump rally to understand these “troglodytes”, as you say in an insult which so brilliantly exemplifies neoliberal condescention. To write off an entire segment of the population as too dumb to think for themselves, on the grounds of their holding different political ideologies, is sheer arrogance.

Liberals believe some pretty dumb things too; like that our government welfare programs have a net positive impact on communities, or that all vaccines are completely safe.

Of course, the real stupidity lies in lumping people together into monolithic political labels instead of evaluating the strength of their experience and ideas as individuals.

I do agree that we’re not ready to burn it down. Not until the right and left realize they’re on the same side.

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