The Newest Edition of the Creative Sage™ Tumblr Collection

Happy New Year 2018, and Thank You To Everyone in Our Community! The special holiday edition of our Tumblr Collection, plus other posts: The Risk When a Values-Driven Company Like Patagonia Takes a Stand; This Tax Bill Is a Trillion-Dollar Blunder; Net Neutrality Fight Heads to the Courts + photos and illustrations as credited and more from this past week — Creative Sage™ Tumblr Collection of Curated Links, News and Resources:

Happy New Year from all of us at Creative Sage™ !

May the new year bring you exciting new opportunities, love, peace, joy, good health, gratitude, and prosperity.

We’ll be adding new posts in the next few weeks. Let’s all rock 2018 together!

(Posts are denoted by semicolons; the collection is updated weekly or bi-weekly . Scroll to previous pages for past weeks’ posts.)

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