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John Maeda’s Next Gig? Design Kingpin of the Open Web; Cards Against Humanity Is Giving Full Tuition Scholarships to Female Students in STEM; Teen Offers Technology that Could Help Brain Surgeons; The Hottest Start-Up Market? Baby Boomers; Public Sector Prizes and Challenges Grow in Use and Sophistication as Agencies Build Infrastructure; Global Innovation Index: India Moves Up to 66th Rank This Year; China Breaks into Top 25 of World Innovators, U.N. Study Says; What’s Your Innovation Ambition?; Crowdsourcing: Two Approaches, Two Different Outcomes; Try Weird Combinations; When Innovation Goes Wrong; What To Do When You’ve Made a Bad Decision; Letting Go of Sunk Costs; Water in the Nazca + photos and illustrations as credited and more from this past week — Creative Sage™ Tumblr Collection of Curated Links, News and Resources:

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