Creative Santa Fe, N Square, and Nuclear Threat Initiative Wins
 ‘Most Significant Futures Works’ Award

from the Association of Professional Futurists

Association of Professional Futurists

Creative Santa Fe announced today that it is a recipient of the Association of Professional Futurists’ (APF) ‘Most Significant Futures Works’ (MSFW) award, which is given annually to professional futurists and projects that illuminate aspects of the future in order to “showcase examples of excellent futures work.”

Creative Santa Fe received the award for its ‘Disruptive Futures: Nuclear Weapons Summit,’ held in December of 2016 in partnership with N Square Collaborative and Nuclear Threat Initiative. Creative Santa Fe won the award in the category ‘Analyzing a Significant Future Issue.’

In it’s assessment of ‘Disruptive Futures: Nuclear Weapons Summit,’ the APF, which is the leading global organization of professional futurists, said it admired the “new and fresh ways” the organizers approached the problem of nuclear disarmament. It noted the “unique use of games, team visualization, social memes, symbolism, interspersing with the public at large.” APF added that through this work, Creative Santa Fe “significantly advances the foresight profession.”

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our work with this prestigious national award,” said Cyndi Conn, Executive Director of Creative Santa Fe. “It demonstrates that the innovative, creative approach we bring to problem-solving works on a local, national, and global scale to address some of the greatest and most urgent challenges of our time.”

The MSFW Awards, founded in 2007, were announced in Seattle on July 29, 2017. Works are nominated in three categories: 1) Advancing the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies; 2) Analyzing a significant future issue; and 3) Illuminating the future through literacy or artistic works.

About Creative Santa Fe

Creative Santa Fe transforms the way people engage with the world’s most challenging issues using a visionary approach that is inspired by Santa Fe and its unique sense of place. The ongoing Disruptive Futures initiative brings international teams to Santa Fe who span issues, disciplines, cultures and generations to examine ideas and issues that are changing, challenging and disrupting our world. To examine not only the what…but the why.

About the Association of Professional Futurists

The Association of Professional Futurists provides unique perspectives to help people anticipate and influence the future. They are known globally for the promotion and development of applied futures thinking, international discussions about professional futures practice, and the offer of services, resources and training for foresight professionals to advance their skills and knowledge.

About N Square

N Square is a multi-year initiative designed to stimulate innovation in the fields of nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation and safety and security. N Square is the brainchild of five of the largest peace and security funders in the United States: The Carnegie Corporation of New York, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, and the Skoll Global Threats Fund. N Square is based on the idea that new forms of cross-sector collaboration — combined with the sheer ingenuity of an engaged public — will enable us to innovate our way to a world free from the risks associated with nuclear weapons and fissile materials.

About Nuclear Threat Initiative

Nuclear Threat Initiative protects lives, the environment, and our quality of life now and for future generations. Every day, they work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption — nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical and cyber.

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